After acquiring the ongoing business of Lendlease Engineering late last year, ACCIONA has successfully transitioned their workforce safety management to Pegasus this week.

The global leader in sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects, ACCIONA entered into an agreement in December 2019 to acquire the ongoing business of Lendlease Engineering across eight projects.

As long-term partners with Lendlease, we’re proud our ongoing success means ACCIONA has chosen to trust Pegasus with their safety mandate.

“We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Pegasus over the years, and a positive experience streamlining a number of critical activities such as the onboarding of competent workforce, access management, e-learning and induction solutions, and now the integration of temperature checking technology in light of COVID-19, and plant and asset management,” said Carly Allen, National Technical Training Manager with Lendlease (now ACCIONA).

“We have chosen to continue that partnership, to help us manage contractors now that we have transitioned to ACCIONA.”

“It has allowed a seamless transition for our contractors and staff who are already deeply embedded in the Pegasus solution and understand the benefits.”

For ACCIONA, the prevention of occupational risks is a requirement for guaranteeing the health and safety of its employees and collaborators.

acciona contractor siteThe ACCIONA Australia Workforce Management System, powered by Pegasus, supports the company’s Occupational Risk Prevention Strategy and Action Plan to:

  • comply with legal requirements;
  • educate, inform and raise awareness among workers about their obligations and responsibilities, and
  • obtain the commitment of the entire organisation to the plan.

Pegasus is uniquely qualified to manage contractor compliance for ACCIONA, building on existing relationships with Lendlease contractors.

“It’s encouraging that ACCIONA has chosen to continue using Pegasus as their workforce management solution,” said Kim Dundas, Pegasus Project Manager.

“I think it’s a testament to the relationships we’ve built over the last few years with the contractors of Lendlease and reinforces the value the Pegasus solution provides.”

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