Ensure only qualified contractors are accessing sites on your behalf with the Pegasus Facilities Management solution.

    How our solution works

    To receive work orders from facilities management companies, contractors must first register to become authorised in your system, powered by the Pegasus Onsite software.

    Our pre-qualification process is a ready-made template for facilities management.

    What our solution does

    Our Facilities Management solution gives you complete control and a fast turnaround over the requirements to be an authorised contractor to work on your sites.

    Only those contractors who supply correct and valid information about their company and its work will be eligible to receive quote requests and work orders. The system will even remind them when one of their documents needs renewing to ensure their registration is kept current.

    Registration includes entering company details and supplying important documents – like licences, insurances and safety management systems – which are then verified by our team of experts. You set the standards and your contractors must meet them to be authorised.

    Upon successful registration, companies will be included in your own database of authorised contractors and eligible for work orders on your sites.

    Operating alongside our Facilities Management solution is our Strata Management solution, which considers the different legislative requirements of the industry.

    With the Pegasus Facilities Management solution, you can be confident in your database of authorised contractors to search from and select to work on your properties.

      Facilities Management Solution

        • Templated information collection specific to industry and business
        • Hundreds of insurances, licences and resource documents verified depending on work role and legislative requirements
        • Safety Management System desktop audits for high-risk contractors
        • Hundreds of specialised work categories and sub-categories to pre-qualify for
        • API link for a real-time data link to internal systems
        • Support centre help from a NSW-based team


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