Pegasus provides contractor engagement and workforce management services to a range of industries, including mining, transport, construction, retail, and manufacturing.

    Powered by Onsite

    Part of this service is our sophisticated contractor and safety management system – Onsite.

    The online program allows businesses to manage and track the competency, training and safety of their staff and contractors while delivering cost savings and transparency. Onsite also manages induction and safety competencies to meet legislation.

    The challenge

    Pegasus needed a business partner who could deliver identity verification services for contractors Australia-wide for a new program powered by Onsite called Rail Industry Worker (RIW). The RIW program was founded by Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC).

    ARTC and other rail operators, including Metro Trains Melbourne and Country Regional Network, employ contractors to maintain and upgrade rail tracks. Contractors work on multiple sites and projects and must carry proof of qualifications in the form of paper licenses or plastic cards without a photograph. Most of these cards require regular renewal.

    To improve contractor identity verification across rail operators and states – and reduce unnecessary and extensive paper work and the risk of unqualified and unauthorised rail contractors accessing sites – the Rail Industry Worker program was introduced.

    RIW reduces the cost and risk associated with identification and qualification record management.

    Pegasus and Australia Post designed a solution combining their specialities in qualification, access and identity management using Onsite and identity services technology.

      The solution

      The result is a photo identification card that links all of a contractor’s qualifications, eliminating document management while strengthening identity and verification procedures.

      Contractors upload information into our Rail Industry Worker online portal. Next, they visit an Australia Post retail outlet to complete a 100-point ID check and submit a digital photo and electronic signature.

      “Working closely with Australia Post, we’ve integrated their identity service technology into Onsite, resulting in an automatic data transfer from each Australia Post outlet to us,” Pegasus CEO Adam Boyle explains.

      Pegasus manages and verifies contractor qualifications before issuing a Rail Industry Worker card through Australia Post’s Registered Post service. Onsite notifies contractors of expiring competencies and informs site owners if they try to access work sites, mitigating the risk of unqualified contractors accessing sites.

      “We chose Australia Post for its years of experience and customer focus in delivering identity verification and photo capture solutions.

      “The community’s confidence in Australia Post was also considered, as was its convenient national network of retail outlets.” Pegasus CEO, Adam Boyle.

      The results

      In May 2012, ARTC’s Hunter8 rail track project became the first site to have each worker carry and sign in using a Rail Industry Worker card. For Pegasus, Australia Post and ARTC, this New South Wales project was the culmination of over 12 months’ work to launch the Rail Industry Worker program.

      Each worker has had their competencies loaded into Onsite and verified by Pegasus for each role they will perform on the rail corridors. They will have also completed an Australia Post 100-point ID check to confirm and certify their identity against their qualifications.

      “We’ve ensured 100% data accuracy for individuals registered in the Rail Industry Worker program by working closely with Australia Post and making the 100-point ID check mandatory. Australia Post’s large retail network has given us an accessible and convenient way to verify each worker’s identity.”

      Pegasus CEO Adam Boyle

      Since it began

      • 64000contractorsMore than 64.000 contractors have been entered into the Rail Industry Worker system.
      • 2012program expandedWith the program expanding to Victoria rail operators in the second half of 2012.
      • 5statesThe RIW program now includes national rail operators and operators from New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

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