PegPal Life

We stand for Integrity, Quality, Delivery, Safety and Community.
Pegasus people are collaborators and problem solvers, with a focus on innovation and service.
We encourage new ideas and value new perspectives in an environment which supports a true work and life balance in beautiful Newcastle.

We love to see each other succeed, but most importantly we support each other when things don’t go well or to plan. The idea of failure can be scary when you’re innovating, but we promote transparency to help everyone learn and grow.

Annual awards are given to highlight the outstanding performance of our people.
The Pegasus Spirit goes to the person who reflects our company values and has contributed in an exceptional way.  The Call of Duty goes to an outstanding service provider. The DeLarkle goes to the person who kept a good sense of humour even after a mistake. We honour our loyal and dedicated team mates with Years of Service awards.
We achieve success by collaborating across teams and divisions to put the safety of workers above all else

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