Connecting a Compliant Workforce

Manage and monitor the condition of your plant and equipment with Pegasus Asset Management.

The robust online platform collects, compares and verifies plant assets to your specific standards. All documentation, including registration, maintenance history and plant specifications, is collected and checked.

Select from a library of almost 100,000 makes and models to ensure only safe and compliant assets are used on your sites.

How Asset Management Works

Company Registration

The contractor registers their account in the Asset Management Portal to manage their profile, plant and assets.

Asset Input

The contractor enters the details of each plant and asset, including make and model, and pays for registration.


All documents required for compliance are uploaded for each plant and asset. This includes registration, maintenance history, and plant specifications.

Asset Validation

Pegasus validates all documents and information uploaded for each asset, and notifies the contractor if there are any compliance issues.

Asset Control

Monitor and control the ongoing condition, safety and compliance of every asset in use at the touch of a button for safer sites, minimised downtime and better management.

Ongoing Monitoring

Pegasus helps the contractor monitor and maintain asset records, sending notifications as needed to ensure the asset remains compliant.

The Benefits of Asset Management

BHP Mt Arthur Coal: Innovation Drives Safety in Mining
Success Story

BHP Mt Arthur Coal: Innovation Drives Safety in Mining

BHP Mt Arthur Coal: Innovation Drives Safety in Mining

The Pegasus Contractor Management System underscores BHP’s "Requirements for Safety" standards, where having the right controls in place to effectively manage risks leads to improved safety outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Asset Management solution be tailored to suit my company?
Absolutely. Every Pegasus solution can be customised to suit the various safety, compliance and operational needs of industry, and our team is available to tailor the Asset Management solution to work for the unique needs of your organisation.
How do I know which documents need to be collected?
Pegasus industry specialists will work with you to provide a library of default documents which match the plant or assets used on your sites, ensuring you’re collecting only the most relevant information for a safe asset.
How do I check if a plant or asset is compliant to be on-site?
Once a plant or asset has been verified in your Pegasus system, a unique sticker with a code is generated for displaying on the equipment. This code can be scanned on-site, via the Pegasus Onsite Mobile App, prior to access being granted.

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