BHP Mt Arthur Coal

Mt Arthur Coal is part of BHP. Located in the Upper Hunter region of NSW, it produces around 15 million tonnes of run-of-mine coal each year. Mt Arthur’s management and safety team use our Onsite solution to induct and train contractors and control access, with competency validation, to their site.

How our solution works for BHP Mt Arthur Coal

Site access is linked directly to contractor training and qualifications at Mt Arthur. Mine managers set rules about which core competencies, inductions, and qualifications each worker needs to be allowed on site. Gaps and upcoming training events are emailed to workers and managers, with training events scheduled through Onsite.

For BHP Mt Arthur Coal, we developed and implemented a special Flash induction presentation, including compulsory questions and answers, asked at log points for site access.

Peabody Energy Corp

Peabody Energy Corp is the world’s largest private sector coal company with a majority interest in more than 30 mines in North America, South America and Australia – including seven coal mines in NSW and Queensland.
Peabody implemented Onsite as a standardised site based system to national safety and legal obligations.  Peabody rolled out the Pegasus Onsite solution to all seven of its Australian mines and its Brisbane headquarters.

How our solution works for Peabody

Thanks to Onsite, for the first time Peabody management have an accurate and transparent record of safety information in real time across all sites, including their risk exposure.

Onsite gives Peabody standardised learning management and site access control. Its national competency library reduces duplication of data and improves competence and training tracking all sites.

By cutting data duplication, Peabody has saved hundreds of hours in record administration and has reduced the chance of overcharging and inaccurate invoicing with improved monitoring of contractors.

Onsite improved Peabody’s systems to manage safety and fatigue, including web based reporting, real-time blood alcohol testing, interactive visitor inductions, automated fatigue alerts and random drug and alcohol selections.