Connecting a Qualified Workforce

Collect, compare and verify contracting company information and documents to your specific standards for less risk, more clarity and total control over who is on your site.

Companies are categorised by the work they complete, from high to low risk, and the Pegasus platform matches and verifies the insurance, licence and safety requirements of each company to pre-qualify to work for you.

Access all the data you need at your fingertips via the dedicated Client Portal to analyse, report on, and make smarter decisions about your workforce.

How Company Pre-Qualification Works


After being selected to work for you, each contracting company creates a business profile within the Pegasus system.

Risk Profile

Contractors are categorised according to a risk-matrix, and Pegasus helps determine the insurances, licenses and safety documents they must provide to work for you.

Document Verification

Contractors upload the corresponding insurances, licenses and safety documents for verification by Pegasus to ensure compliance.

Safety Management System Review

Contractors provide safety documents in accordance with the set Pegasus criteria guides, based on Safety Standards or your preferred audit tool.

Safety System Audit

As Pegasus determines non-compliance or continuous improvement areas, corrective actions are sent to the contractor to address and update.

Ongoing Compliance Notifications

Automated email notifications are issued to contractors to ensure ongoing maintenance of documents and required information to keep working safely for you.

The Benefits of Company Pre-Qualification

Would you like to

Instantly assess contractor compliance?

Qualify and audit all contractors pre-contract?

Easily determine all SMS requirements?

Manage ongoing contractor compliance automatically?

Know that every contractor on site meets your standards at all times?

Access all licences and documentation at the touch of a button?

Company Pre-Qualification in the Workforce Management System

Meet all ongoing legislative and compliance requirements through the automated Workforce Management System. This system sends timely email notifications to contractors, ensuring they stay up to date with all insurances, licenses and company subscriptions you require for them to continue to work for you.

Ausgrid: Managing Complex and High-Risk Workforce Safety
Success Story

Ausgrid: Managing Complex and High-Risk Workforce Safety

Ausgrid: Managing Complex and High-Risk Workforce Safety

With Pegasus, Ausgrid found the safety and accreditation partner they needed to manage their workforce, with an end-to-end solution, accessible live in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pegasus help our workforce understand and use the system?
Yes, we do! What sets Pegasus apart is our commitment to the success of our partnership with you. We are there, right from the start, helping your contractors understand, use, and value your Pegasus system. We’ll guide your contractors to reach and maintain compliance via online tools like instructive websites and email communications, to the personal approach of our proactive, dedicated customer success team. Our system even generates expiry reminders as documents or registrations are due for renewal. With Pegasus, you can be sure your workforce is operating safely and productively.
Can I view and report on the information collected during Company Pre-Qualification?
Yes, you will have insight into all the company data – and can report, analyse, and make operational and safety decisions based on the information – in your unique Pegasus Client Portal. 
How quickly can I get Company Pre-Qualification working for my organisation?
As quickly as you need it to! Pegasus can implement a complete workforce management project in six weeks, especially if you’re ready to go with the information we need to build your Pegasus solution.
Can I tailor the Pre-Qualification solution to the specific requirements of my industry?
We are the industry experts. Your Pegasus solution will be tailored to the unique rules and requirements of your industry and your organisation. We have the experience and knowledge to back this up – visit our Industries pages to see who we work with and the expertise we offer.
Can Pegasus audit our contractor’s safety management processes and procedures?
Yes, WHS and Safety Management System auditing can be a valuable part of your Pegasus solution. Our qualified and professional Auditors are your partners and eyes and ears in the field, working with you to manage your risk and audit your contracting companies – both online in the system (desktop), and at their sites. You can trust our experience:
  • Full-service contractor audit professionals, accessible for advice and recommendations
  • Impartial results measured against an agreed audit tool, allowing for a quick response
  • Regular and ongoing consultation to make the most of our partnership
  • Help to identify areas of concern and guidance to respond with corrective actions and timeframes
  • Regular audit and statistical results to see where you stand and where you can improve
  • Benchmarks and percentage pass-marks set for a full picture of your contractor’s safety standards
  • A professional audit report with agreed weightings matched to your safety priorities
  • Responsive, guided assistance for contractors reaching compliance, with resources including knowledge base and user guides to help them understand and improve
Will Pegasus help me engage my operations team and other stakeholders?
Partnering with Pegasus means you have a dedicated Project Manager working to a clear framework. We will work with each of your stakeholders and address their requirements, providing training so everyone understands and can use the Pegasus system. Our solution-focused Service Delivery Team will be regularly in touch so everyone involved in your roll-out is aligned. We’ll also conduct process reviews and share technical innovations to achieve all your project milestones.
Are financial checks available when reviewing company information?
Yes, commercial checks are available through the Pegasus solution. Our software can connect to systems such as Dun & Bradstreet and Creditor Watch to perform these checks as details change.
Can Pegasus data be integrated into our ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP or Microsoft?
Yes, we offer integration through Pegasus API services. Further development or customisation can be reviewed by our technical team as required. Our teams at Pegasus will often work directly with your IT team (either inhouse or outsourced) to get the solution right.

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