Connecting a Skilled Workforce

Pegasus Induction & Learning Management is an automated, adaptable and scalable learning solution that enables you to plan and set training for your workforce - online, or in the classroom.

Importantly, it also gives your organisation the ability to track and report on the results for meaningful analytics – and to meet all safety and legislative requirements.

The dedicated Pegasus eLearning team will help you adapt and deliver your course material via a practical online format, paired with assessments, to test worker comprehension and competency.

How Induction & Learning Management Works

Step 1

Pegasus will create, adapt or transform your safety training and induction materials.

Step 2

Create and assign the relevant courses to your workers or their roles in the Pegasus system.

Step 3

Link the course to compliance, so only workers who complete the training are allowed to work for you.

Step 4

Create, set and deliver training events to your workforce via your own Pegasus Client Portal.

The Benefits of Induction & Learning Management

Why Integrate with the Pegasus LMS?

Save hours of time compared to traditional, manual planning and delivery.

Save money with fast, cost-effective, and repeatable online learning courses.

Easily shape your courses to align with compliance changes or real-time updates.

Track the progress and performance of your workers to identify and address skill gaps.

Deliver engaging and flexible training through a variety of multimedia tools.

Reduce risk with automatic re-training reminders for up-to-date knowledge.

Automation for Ongoing Compliance

To support safety and compliance, the Pegasus LMS provides notification when a worker’s last training was completed and when it is due for renewal. Auto-reminders promote continuous improvement in your workforce, and reduce risk by ensuring everyone’s knowledge is up to date.

What You Can Do With The Pegasus LMS

Customise course details and images

Set pre-requisites for training

Enrol yourself and others (guest)

Host courses online or face-to-face

Bulk add face-to-face sessions, and singular face-to-face sessions

Provide modular courses and responsive form units with version histories

Learners can change classroom session, stop, start, re-start courses and search for courses by name

Administrators can assign courses, view learner’s access levels and session times, and disable or delete learners

Book and pay for training courses

Customise certificates, action unit emails and emails from the LMS

Download completion certificates

Upload and download learning files

Hide courses from learners who aren’t enrolled

View a course's overall status of learners showing the numbers who have passed, failed, yet to start or are in progress

Complete a bulk upload of users in preparation for booking into training courses and in accordance with GDPR and DPA

Hilton Foods: “Pegasus Is Our End-To-End Safety Solution
Success Story

Hilton Foods: “Pegasus Is Our End-To-End Safety Solution"

Hilton Foods: “Pegasus Is Our End-To-End Safety Solution

Using the end-to-end Pegasus safety solution saves Hilton Foods time and money spent on manual processes - while giving them certainty, insight and a safer workforce.

Enjoy the benefits of online learning

Plan and set training for your workforce with the Pegasus LMS. Talk to us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we need to update the information in our courses?
We know how important it is for your inductions and courses to stay updated and relevant, so your workers are trained and safe. The dedicated Pegasus eLearning team are your resource to shape and update your messages at any time, keeping up with your operational updates and any legislation changes to keep your workforce safe and on track.
What happens if a worker’s induction expires?
Inductions and courses are linked to their work roles on your sites, so the system will send auto-reminders to renew training, or about updates to existing training, reducing risk by ensuring every worker’s knowledge is up to date.
What if I have both online and classroom courses I want workers to complete?
The Pegasus LMS enables blended training – both online inductions, and the setting and booking of classroom training online – to fit the delivery of your instruction. Working with Pegasus to create, manage and deliver your training saves hours of time compared to traditional, manual planning and delivery.
What if we don’t have an in-house training manager?
Pegasus has a dedicated eLearning team who will be your own training and induction resource. We create thousands of courses for our clients each year, using a mix of images, animation, audio and text to engage workers and train them in new information.
How do I track how workers are going with their training?
Your Pegasus Client Portal links to all the data from the Pegasus LMS. It allows you to track, identify and address skills gaps on the spot to get your workers trained. Exams and quizzes will be linked to your courses, so you can keep track of how well workers are understanding and retaining the information needed to keep them safe.

Ready-To-Go Courses

Pegasus have a variety of customisable online courses available for purchase at a one-off cost.

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