Pegasus for Contractors

Our clients require you, as a contractor, to register with their workforce management system in order to work for them. Designed to give our clients insight into everyone on their sites and projects, this system guarantees that they are working with only qualified, competent and skilled contractors – like you!

By successfully registering with Pegasus, you prove you have the systems and qualifications to partner safely with their organisation and produce quality results for business success.

Benefits of being a registered Pegasus Contractor

Join an online database of trusted and qualified contractors

Gain higher quality work opportunities and enjoy a transparent cost model

Access a support centre of industry and software specialists

Receive electronic reminders to remain compliant and ready to work

Manage your own profile - roles, competencies and training - online, 24/7

Have licences, competencies, inductions, and documents verified by qualified auditors and industry specialists

How To Register

Find the Pegasus Client you work for below

Click their logo to head to their system information site

Follow the instructions to register and qualify to work for them

Contractor Resources


Replacement Card Request


Refund/Copy of Invoice Request


Replacement Card Request – Mining


Onsite Report Request


Adding and Removing a Cardholder


Learning Management System User Guide


Web Browser Troubleshooting Tips


Quick Submit Verification for Supplier Guide

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