Connecting a Competent Workforce

Worker Competency Management empowers you to determine and set the competencies required for each role and person who works for you - in one online platform.

With Pegasus industry experts on hand, build a detailed roles matrix - matching work roles to the competency and training required to do the job.

Pegasus Worker Competency Management efficiently manages the compliance process online, meaning no more paperwork and complex spreadsheets. Full verification means you can report on and identify exactly what workers are qualified and inducted to do - and deploy them to site, knowing they are trained experts.

How Worker Competency Management Works

Add Workers

Using their company profile, an administrator enters and edits their workers in the online system, including their contact details.

Assign Work Roles

Site and project roles are selected for each worker, determining the competency documents and safety inductions that must be completed to carry out their role.

Upload Competencies

The relevant documentation is uploaded for verification and inductions are booked to support the worker’s competence.

Identity/Visa Checks

If required, identity checks may be completed via a 100-point ID check and greenID™ to allow Pegasus to verify visa entitlements.

Access ID Cards

Workers are issued with ID cards linked to their online profile, which are scanned by the Pegasus mobile app or site access points to check compliance.

Verification Engine

Pegasus thoroughly verifies all documents and worker data. The system assigns competencies to workers and approves their registration only when all inductions have been completed.

The Benefits of Worker Competency Management

Does your organisation need

To collect and verify mountains of worker information?

To instantly see who is working for you and if they are qualified?

To know that everyone on site is competent and compliant?

A simple way for workers to update and manage their own information?

In-depth reporting to make safer, smarter decisions?

Worker Competency Management in the Workforce Management System

The Workforce Management System sends email notifications to ensure worker profiles are kept up to date before anything expires, and notifies company administrators to update documents or worker data. This does the hard work of keeping your workforce compliant without relying on the time and monitoring of your operations team.

Worker Portal

Pegasus provides an online Worker Portal, where workers manage their own profiles, edit personal information, add work roles, and update competencies. Your team can access the details of every worker at the touch of a button, giving you confidence that every person accessing your sites and projects is safe and qualified.

Lendlease: Streamlining Processes For An Agile Workforce
Success Story

Lendlease: Streamlining Processes For An Agile Workforce

Lendlease: Streamlining Processes For An Agile Workforce

Lendlease partners with Pegasus to meet their challenges of workforce safety, scaling, and mobility in a construction solution developed specifically for their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pegasus help our workforce understand and use the system?
Yes, we do! What sets Pegasus apart is our commitment to the success of our partnership with you. We are there, right from the start, helping your contractors understand, use, and value your Pegasus system. We’ll guide your contractors to reach and maintain compliance via online tools like instructive websites and email communications, to the personal approach of our proactive, dedicated customer success team. Our system even generates expiry reminders as documents or registrations are due for renewal. With Pegasus, you can be sure your workforce is operating safely and productively.
Can I view and report on the information collected during Worker Competency Management?
Yes, you will have insight into all the worker data - and can report, analyse, and make operational and safety decisions based on the information - in your own Pegasus Client Portal.
What happens if a worker's licence or documentation expires?
Our Workforce Management System is fully automated and will send timely email notifications to both the worker and their company to inform them of the upcoming expiration and the need to renew if they want to keep performing their role and working for you.
Will we be able to check if workers are compliant on site?
Yes, you will. We know checking that workers are safe while on site and in the field is the foundation of your solution. When a worker’s information is verified and inductions complete, they’ll be issued with an access ID card linked to their profile. By simply scanning this card, you have access and insight into exactly who they are and what they can do – and if they should be working for you. Cards can be scanned at any number of Pegasus Site Access solutions, from kiosks to logpoints and boom gates. Most convenient for agile workforces is the Pegasus Mobile App, which provides a user-friendly way to access all this information. Right from the palm of your hand and the click of a button, you’ll have all the information you need about your workers.
How quickly can I get Worker Competency Management working for my organisation?
As quickly as you need it to! Pegasus can implement a complete workforce management project in six weeks, especially if you’re ready to go with the information we need to build your Pegasus solution.
Can I tailor Worker Competency Management to the specific requirements of my industry?
We are the industry experts. Your Pegasus solution will be tailored to the unique rules and requirements of your industry and your organisation. We have the experience and knowledge to back this up – visit our Industry pages to see who we work with and the expertise we offer.

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