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With strict quarantine and maritime safety laws to meet, and 24/7 operations, Pegasus provides ports and terminals with a comprehensive workforce management software solution.

Gain insight and control safety on your sites. Manage and view all workforce data, interrogate analytics, track and deliver training and competencies, and control site access for a safe, connected, and compliant workforce.

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The Pegasus Product Suite

Company Pre-Qualification

Pre-verify the licences and insurances of your contracting companies and suppliers to set industry and organisational standards - before they get to site.

Worker Competency Management

Manage and verify the roles, skills, and training of every worker, and know that everyone working for you is competent and safe.

Induction & Learning Management

An automated, adaptable, and scalable solution to plan and set training for your workforce, and to track and report on the results.

Site Access

Ensure that only competent workers, verified assets, and valid cardholders can access your sites and projects, and scan, view and validate all workforce information.

Asset Management

Track, assess and manage the standard and quality of all assets to your specific standards in real-time across all sites and projects.

Benefits of the Pegasus Solution

Stay focused on the job as Pegasus manages the consistent and independent verification of all workforce data.

Eliminate paperwork with an online database of every contracting company and their insurances, licences and safety documents.

Always know who is on site and when – no matter the size or locations of your workforce.

Monitor the ongoing competencies and permits of every worker, company and asset as renewal reminders keep them compliant.

Induct your workforce efficiently and ensure safety with our online learning system for site-ready workers.

Track, monitor and manage the information and safety of your workforce – online, 24/7.

Prove you are managing your safety obligations and risk with thorough, detailed reporting.

Access your online Client Portal at any time for in-depth analytics on your workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tailor the Pegasus solution for my organisation?
Every Pegasus solution can be customised to suit the safety, compliance and operational needs of your organisation, and the unique needs of your industry. We offer a full workforce management suite of products, or you can choose those which suit your specific needs. At every step of the way, our industry experts will be on hand to help and guide you to get the most from your Pegasus solution. Visit our Products pages to learn more.
Is Pegasus easy for my team and contractors to use?
Yes. The Pegasus platform and Client Portal have been specifically designed to be easy-to-use – no matter what your level of technological competency. If your management team and contractors can use Facebook, they will be able to use Pegasus. Pegasus also provides both your team and your contractors with dedicated support for their use and understanding of our platform.
How do you vet potential suppliers and contractors to ensure they're allowed to work on site?
Pegasus provides a thorough ‘peer review’ process, meaning that every piece of information you require contractors, suppliers and workers to upload into the system (insurances, certificates, licenses, etc.) is verified for accuracy, currency, and to set industry and site standards. With Pegasus, there is no guesswork - if you require it, then your contractors and workers must supply it.
Can I tailor inductions and training to the requirements of my organisation?
Absolutely. The Pegasus Induction & Learning Management product comes with a full suite of common LMS modules which can all be tailored to suit your requirements, while also enabling you to create your own course materials and content with the help of our dedicated Pegasus eLearning team. Common LMS courses include generic and safety inductions, familiarisations, toolbox talks, theory-based learning, process changes, and re-induction modules. All online modules can feature interactive multimedia compatibility (PowerPoint, Video, Audio etc) and full assessments with un/structured questions.
What level of reporting is available with Pegasus?
Very few systems allow organisations to access the level of detail that Pegasus provides. Our system delivers data down to the level of each individual worker – their competencies, qualifications, and documentation. Via your own Client Portal, access compliance reporting on-demand, at any time, to meet your organisational and legislative requirements, and to make safer, smarter decisions for your business.

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