Connecting a Safer Workforce

Site Access is the culmination of the data and insight collected in your Pegasus system, where high-tech solutions empower you to control access to your work sites.

Every worker and asset is issued with an ID card linked to their profile in your workforce management system. Only as they meet your requirements are workers and assets permitted on site. Logpoints, kiosks, mobile apps, and boom gates ensure an accurate, real-time record of who is on site.

How Site Access Works


Real-time ability to view and validate all worker and asset information


Detailed data to make informed staffing decisions

Monitor Health & Fatigue

Report on and track worker fatigue and temperature levels

Manage Access

Use logpoints, kiosks, boom gates, turnstiles, and mobile solutions to manage site access

Emergency Events

Set and display emergency information and check who is safe in an evacuation


Allow access only to workers and assets with proven, verified compliance

The Benefits of Site Access

Site Access enables you to

Allow or block access at site entry

Reconcile invoices

See hours worked

Test for drugs and alcohol

Create emergency evacuation events

Set safety standards

Total Site Safety

Every Pegasus solution is designed to improve the holistic management of the safety of your workforce. With Site Access, you set the safety standards every person and asset must meet to work for you.

Pegasus Site Access ensures that only when each company, worker and asset has reached compliance in your Pegasus system will they be given access to your site or project.

Downer: Time-Saving Safety on the Newcastle Light Rail Project
Success Story

Downer: Time-Saving Safety on the Newcastle Light Rail Project

Downer: Time-Saving Safety on the Newcastle Light Rail Project

Downer met the challenges of worker competency management, online training, and site access control with Pegasus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Site Access product integrate with my workforce management system?
Site Access is the culmination of all the information collected and verified in your Pegasus system. It’s where you set the standards for who can work for you, and who cannot. When a worker’s information is verified and inductions complete, they’ll be issued with an access ID card linked to their profile. It's similar for plant and assets - with verified information about each piece linked to a unique sticker with a code, generated for displaying on the equipment. By simply scanning this card or code via fixed site access points or mobile, you have access and insight into exactly who the worker is, what the asset can do  – and if they should be working for you.
Does Pegasus set up our site access solution?
Yes, the dedicated Pegasus team will be on-site to set up your chosen site access solution, providing training if needed. We will also provide ongoing support to ensure the success of your site access solution.
What happens if my compliance and safety requirements change?
Changes be made in your Pegasus system and be reflected on your sites immediately. Want a new induction for workers to complete before they can work for you? The system will let them know this is a requirement, and they’ll be denied site access when they scan their ID card until it’s complete.
How do I track which workers are allowed to work on our sites?
You will have insight into all the workforce data collected in your Pegasus products – and can report, analyse, and make operational and safety decisions based on the information – in your unique Pegasus Client Portal. Only workers with the correct roles, documents and training will be allowed access to your sites, and only verified plant and assets will be allowed on site too.

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