Managing a large workforce is complex.

Whether overseeing a mine site, construction project, manufacturing plants, or rail projects, it can be difficult to maintain consistency.

There’s legislation to meet, projects to complete, and workers to manage. It requires a great deal of administrative resources and the finer details can often be missed with information stored in different areas.

This is where Pegasus comes in.

Our software exists to provide total insight into your workforce, manage risk, increase productivity, control compliance, and stay connected.

Pegasus can be used as a complete workforce management solution, or you can select from the modules which suit your requirements.

After your contracting companies are pre-qualified, the next step to a safe workforce is understanding who is working for you and what they’re qualified to do – Worker Competency Management.

This Pegasus product collects and verifies the qualifications and competencies of workers, ensuring every single person working on your sites and projects is safe and qualified.

6 Steps to Workforce Compliance

STEP ONE: What Do Your Workers Do?

The requirements of individual workers vary depending on their role, specific project or site, and industry.

Pegasus starts by helping you determine and set work roles – that is, what’s the job a person is doing, and what do they need to have (licence? ticket?) to hold that role.

Not sure how to get started? No worries – our industry experts can guide you through and ensure your roles matrix is up to standards.

STEP TWO: Who Are Your Workers?

Now we know what workers on your sites do, Pegasus configures your system! Using our change management expertise, your contractors are told to register their workers to your set standards. This is where workers are added, their roles are selected and their competencies are uploaded in the system, ready for verification.

Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and other messy systems – all that information is now available at the click of a button.

STEP THREE: Workers Trained and Inducted

Alongside qualifications and licences, you’ll want your workers to complete important safety inductions before they are given access to your sites or projects. This happens right in the Pegasus system, where online inductions are booked and completed, and classroom inductions are selected from a convenient calendar for a safe and inducted workforce.

STEP FOUR: Verifying Data and Controlling Site Access

Once worker information has been uploaded, and inductions and training complete, everything in your system is verified and validated by Pegasus. Workers are issued with access ID cards linked to their profiles, meaning only those who have reached the standards you set can swipe on at site.

This verification and access provides you with real-time data of who is on your site and what they’re qualified to do – insight and control.

STEP FIVE: Connection and Reporting

So what do you do with all this valuable data collected in the Pegasus Worker Competency Management system? Use it to make smarter, safer decisions about your workforce!

You’ll have your own Pegasus Client Portal where you can access detailed information about every worker at any time. You can also quickly communicate updates direct to the workforce, use analytics to learn from trends, ask questions and act on your data, set training requirements, and track any other information about the workforce from one place.

STEP SIX: Staying Safe

Your workforce is registered, verified, and compliant… but how do they stay that way?

Pegasus sends auto-reminders to your contractors whenever anything is expiring, or if you update the requirements for site access. Workers can also maintain ongoing compliance and manage their profile in the Pegasus Worker Portal.

With Pegasus, everyone working for you will understand what’s required, and be supported and motivated by Pegasus to update, maintain and stay safe on your sites.

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