1. Saving time

Online Pegasus LMS courses can be completed any time, from any device, by any number of workers. The Pegasus LMS enables blended training – setting and booking classroom training online – to fit the delivery of your instruction.

Working with Pegasus to create, manage and deliver training saves hours of time compared to traditional, manual planning and delivery.


2. Saving money

With courses or classroom bookings completed online, the Pegasus LMS can remove the need for paper products, and even physical classrooms and travel related to training.

The scalability of training with Pegasus empowers fast, cost-effective, and repeatable learning outcomes.


3. Aligning to and expanding your message

Courses can be updated at any time in the Pegasus LMS to align with compliance changes or real-time updates.

The dedicated Pegasus eLearning team are your resource to shape and update your messages and keep your workforce safe and on track.


4. Tracking progress and performance

Exams and quizzes linked to your training and courses keep track of how well workers are understanding and retaining the information needed to keep them safe.

This data helps you identify and address skills gaps on the spot to get your workers trained.


5. Retraining and reminders

To support safety and compliance, the Pegasus LMS retains when a worker’s last training was completed and when it is due for renewal.

Auto-reminders promote continuous improvement and reduce risk by ensuring every worker’s knowledge is up to date.


6. Engaging and flexible

The Pegasus LMS allows you to create comprehensive and practical multimedia learning content.

Video, images, animation, audio and text are great tools to engage workers who are learning new information.


7. Real-time reporting and meaningful analytics

Create, download and share detailed reports on the progress of training, data on course completion, and other important analytics in the Pegasus LMS.

Evaluating the training and progress of your workers gives you full insight into the safety of your workforce, reducing your risk.

LMS mock2

How do I know if I need the Pegasus LMS?

• Do you have more than 150 employees who need regular training?

• Do you need to adhere to safety legislation and prove your workers are inducted and trained?

• Do you need to better manage the risk of untrained workers being on your sites and projects?

• Do you have a disperse workforce you need to update about your requirements, quickly?

• Do you lack the time and money to spend on solely face-to-face classroom training?

If you answered yes to any of the above – you need the Pegasus LMS!

Speak to us today to make training an investment in the safety of your organisation. Email elearningrequest@pegasus.net.au or call 1300 441 433.

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