Keeping people safe at work is our top priority and always will be.

Every industry in every region has a safety culture. At Pegasus, we realise that to truly make our software a global solution that responds to complex compliance requirements, we need to partner with others.

It’s why the Pegasus Partnership Program exists—where we leverage the local expertise of other companies from around the world to help understand the unique needs of clients with an external workforce in different regions.

Pegasus Partner: GEMsoft7

One of our partners is GEMsoft7, based in Glasgow, United Kingdom. With their cloud-based product, P2W (permission to work), they make sure the work happening on site complies with regulations and legislation, while protecting workers and assets.

As part of our partnership, Pegasus and GEMsoft7 have been working together to combine our workforce management solutions to give clients a complete view of their workforce and workplace. The result is P2W 20:20.

P2W 20:20

In an integration between our software offerings, P2W 20:20 goes beyond company compliance to provide you with increased corporate confidence.

On the Pegasus end, our workforce management software verifies the compliance and competence of your workforce. Then, GEMsoft7’s P2W ensures all work on site is authorised to be completed by compliant workers, at the right time.

The culmination of this means, no more:

  • Unscheduled arrivals on site
  • Unprepared credentials
  • Unauthorised work plans
  • Uncertainty around work and risk
  • Wasted time and money

Built on Collaboration

P2W 20:20 gives you complete control and visibility of every stage of work completed on your sites. Non-compliance isn’t an option. No authorisation? No site access.

“We partner with the best, and the team at GEMsoft7 are great to work with. Together we have been able to build a truly work-centric solution to worker competency and managing work at the site level,” says Hiren Patel, Pegasus Principal Consultant.

“Pegasus and GEMsoft7 are working to deliver this solution to a number of clients. The feedback so far has been amazing—our clients and contractors now have the one system to do it all.”

An Integrated Solution

The outcome of this partnership is a completely integrated solution, bringing together the best of both software offerings to maximise workplace safety.

“We have two companies providing a seamless transition to give our clients an additional feature to allow you to manage your workforce down to a specific task on site,” says Daryl Mclean, Pegasus Data Analytics Manager who has been working on the partnership since a visit to Glasgow in 2019.

Within P2W, workflows can be customised to each client’s specific requirements. It includes planning, handover, issue, and close. All so you can plan and manage work on your sites and manage operational risk.

A Complete View

For the first time, you will have a complete view of your workforce operations, right from the worker, all the way down to the work at hand.

Pegasus verifies the skill, experience and equipment that’s going to be used on site, ahead of time. P2W checks those skills match the task. Then, work is authorised for pre-determined times, places and spaces. Monitored in real-time, P2W 20:20 ensures all work is completed in a safe, compliant, and efficient manner.

“P2W 20:20 is the only workforce and workplace management solution that gives you 360 vision of who is competent and authorised to do what, where and when,” says Phil McKell, GEMsoft7 CEO.

“P2W 20:20 is an integrated service from Pegasus and GEMsoft7 which works to make the management of contractors stress free.”

Learn more about the Pegasus Global Partnership Program.

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