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Like many organisations, agility and adaptability became our focus during the pandemic – and continues to be as the vaccine is rolled out.

As a tech company, Pegasus has pivoted our products and services to where they are most helpful. These may be strange times, but keeping workers safe will always be our focus – no matter the circumstances.

With flu season just around the corner, a new challenge presents itself – ensuring workers have had their flu and/or COVID vaccine.


Here’s how Pegasus is keeping workforces safe this winter

Our client, Lendlease, asked our e-Learning team to come up with a solution for collecting evidence that workers at their retirement villages had had flu shots. This vital evidence was needed to keep vulnerable residents safe.

In response, in our Learning Management System (LMS), we developed a short course which asks workers if they have had the flu vaccine, and if so, to provide the date and a certificate as evidence.

If a worker has had their vaccine and can upload evidence for verification, they pass the course and can access the retirement villages.

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If a worker has not had their vaccine or cannot provide evidence, they fail the course and can complete it again only when they have had their vaccine. Until that time, they will not be allowed to work on site.

The course gives our client certainty that only those who have had their vaccine are coming near vulnerable elderly residents.

Pegasus enables clients who are managing workers in our systems to add evidence of any vaccine as a competency. This can be linked to their profile, and their site access role; no vaccine, no site access. Simple.


Working with agility

• Course created in one day by Pegasus e-Learning Design Manager

• 11,480 Lendlease workers booked into the course to prove they have had their vaccine

• Eliminated risk of un-vaccinated workers accessing sites with elderly residents

• Quick turnaround to give our client confidence and ensure the safety of the workforce and residents


How are you managing risk this flu season?

Speak to the Pegasus e-Learning team today about having your own vaccine course created. Email elearningrequest@pegasus.net.au to discuss how we can help you manage your workforce risk.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Pegasus can help you link worker competence with access to your sites, please contact us.

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