In an exciting step towards integrating our products to further benefit our clients, leader in real estate services CBRE has become the first to use both Avetta Connect and Pegasus workforce management software.

Through this collaboration, organisations already registered as CBRE suppliers in Avetta Connect must now also register their workers and maintain their compliance in the online Pegasus Worker Management System.

The Perfect First Client

CBRE’s more than 90,000 professionals provide exceptional outcomes for clients in 100+ countries by combining local market insight, broad services, specialised expertise and premier tools and resources.

CBRE is proud of the health and safety culture they have grown through years of commitment by their employees. This commitment extends to their suppliers. With a largely dispersed workforce and focus on safety, they make the perfect Pegasus partner.

“From day one, we knew we had the solution to deliver a world class workforce management solution for CBRE across their international network of suppliers and workers,” says Hiren Patel, Principal Consultant at Pegasus.

“With Avetta, we formed a strong project team, which included CBRE from the very beginning. Through their focus on innovation, efficiency and supporting their suppliers in a progressive and conscious way, Pegasus worker management was the logical next step.”

Benefits of Integration

This signals the first integration between Pegasus and Avetta products—providing existing clients with more in-depth data about their workforce to help improve safety outcomes.

“I am super excited to have CBRE Macquarie as our first cross over client. They were eager to be our first pilot client and saw a lot of value in using the Pegasus platform,” says Edwin Chan, Director, Account Management – APAC at Avetta.

“It means CBRE Macquarie will be using the Pegasus platform to further complement their contractor management safety program in over 30 countries.”

Managing Workers with Pegasus

Joining our Retail and Facilities Management Solution, CBRE will be using Pegasus Worker Competency Management to create a complete workforce management solution. To integrate our product offerings, all organisations must first register and maintain their company compliance through Avetta Connect.

Through managing their workers in the Pegasus platform, CBRE will be able to:

  • gain insight into who is working for them
  • manage training and induction requirements based on role and site
  • have all worker data—including qualifications, licences and medicals—verified by Pegasus’s in-house Data Verification Team
  • control who can come on site
  • most importantly, keep their workforce safe

We’re thrilled to welcome our first integrated client since being acquired by Avetta.

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