The Challenge

City FM provides innovative facilities management solutions that ensure successful, long-term outcomes for its partners. One of the world’s largest privately-owned facilities management companies, City FM employs more than 13,000 people across four continents.

Providing contractors to leading organisations including Coles, Target, Lifeblood, and mycar, City FM has long prioritised contractor safety management. Previous systems had not been adopted effectively across its operations, meaning sometimes shortcuts were taken as the operations team was skipped, and risk was not being managed.

City FM conducted a rigorous process to find a provider to support their contractor safety and compliance business priority, selecting the Pegasus pre-qualification platform as the best fit.


The Solution

City FM values collaboration and transparency, and with their focus on long-term mutually beneficial partnerships, have found a compatible partner in Pegasus.

“We are very precise about our process, and we are process-driven. The Pegasus team have understood that, they’ve taken that on, which I completely appreciate,” said Elizabeth Tomic, City FM Process and Compliance Manager.


A Clear Process

Pegasus has quickly become ingrained in the City FM business.

“I feel that once we picked Pegasus and had our own resource within the business, the (contractor onboarding) process is more stringent and thorough than it has ever been” said Elizabeth.

“We have a streamlined process that ensures we do not allocate Work Orders to contractors until they are accredited in Pegasus,” said Elizabeth.

Pegasus Company Pre-Qualification allows City FM contracting companies to have their business registered and upload licences and insurances relevant to their work for verification, prioritising safety and wellbeing and enabling a shared duty of care.

“We do need good processes and good controls in place, because City’s not just a small business anymore,” said Elizabeth.

CityFM worker

Support and a Simple Platform

City FM has a dedicated Pegasus Account Manager and a Client Liaison Officer, and Elizabeth says those resources have been invaluable to her and the City FM team.

“I think that understanding of the City business has really helped us, especially for me and the recent New Zealand onboarding.”

“I’ve completely bombarded them, but they’ve been amazing because they know how we function and what we’re trying to achieve.”

The user-friendly Pegasus platform has been readily adopted by staff at City FM, offering the insight into the contractor workforce they were seeking.

“It’s been pretty easy to navigate and get your head around,” said Elizabeth.

“We had a new staff member start recently and she picked it up pretty easily which is good from a user point of view, that it’s not overly complicated.”


Streamlined Onboarding and Managed Risk

“The greatest benefit is the onboarding process,” said Elizabeth, “Putting Pegasus in place before you’re onboarding just make sense.”

City FM also needed certainty – contractors are representing their business.

“If we use contractors that are not correctly licensed and insured, it puts our business at risk. So, the liability sits with us as a business.”

Partnering with Pegasus means there is oversight, going beyond verifying licences and insurances in the system, to the core of safety on client sites and stores.

“The contractors we’re engaging are performing works to a high standard when it comes to safety, and we have this information contained in one easy to use portal that we can refer to all times.”

Talk to Pegasus about becoming your workforce safety partner.

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