Managing change is critical to the success of your solution. Ensuring your stakeholders understand your workforce management system – why you are using it, how it works, and how they need to use it – is essential.

Pegasus manages change for your workforce via convenient online tools like instructive websites and email communications, to the personal approach of our proactive, dedicated customer success team.

To Begin

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholders can range from your staff to your management team, through to the companies and workers required to register in your solution.

Communication Strategy and Planning

We develop a communication strategy to engage and guide your workforce to reach compliance, specifying objectives, key messages, audiences, the medium, and timeline for each stakeholder group.

Reaching Your Workforce

Customer Success Team

The Pegasus customer success team is a dedicated resource committed to the success of your Pegasus partnership. From day one of your implementation, the customer success team are on the phone to your workforce, explaining your safety and compliance mandate, guiding them in their use of the system, and checking in to ensure they’re maintaining that compliance and getting the most from the system. The customer success team are your continuous improvement resource, always connecting to ensure the ongoing success of our partnership.

Website Development

A Pegasus information website will be created in your branding and include pages:

  • explaining your solution and the reason for its implementation,
  • step-by-step instructions to register,
  • a help and resources page with user guides, documents, and answers to frequently asked questions, and
  • details to contact the dedicated Pegasus support team for help.

The site is the gateway to your solution, with buttons to link users directly to it.

Communication Templates and Marketing Collateral

Communication with your stakeholders includes a series of targeted emails to explain the safety and compliance message behind your solution.

Subsequent templates will include clear instructions and call-sto-action to register, with links to the information website and details to the Pegasus support team.

Additional marketing collateral includes targeted internal campaigns, instructive posters to hang at projects or worksites, and advisory brochures to distribute to your site managers.

Workshops and Training

Pegasus project and account managers and specialist industry support teams can provide workshops and training to your stakeholders in their use of the system.

Ongoing Compliance

The Pegasus relationship with you does not end with a project implementation.

We will continue to support your workforce and their ongoing compliance, managed by your Pegasus Account Manager, specialist industry group support team, the customer success team, and the communications team.

Ongoing compliance may be through email profile update reminders, proactive calls to check in with your workforce, or campaigns to launch new capabilities or updates.

Talk to us today about our commitment to your success.

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