The NSW Resources Regulator has highlighted contractor management as one of six compliance priorities in the first half of 2021. With our experience in managing contractor safety and compliance, Pegasus is uniquely positioned to help you.

Keeping workers and job sites safe is at the heart of why Pegasus exists.

With many of our clients engaging largely external workforces, the Pegasus platform helps to manage the safety and competencies of contractors. With Pegasus, you can be sure of the safety of your workers, while knowing you are complying with current legislative requirements.

The NSW Resources Regulator, the state’s work health and safety regulator for mines and petroleum sites, has listed contractor management as one of six key compliance priorities they will focus on from January to June 2021.

One of the benefits of using Pegasus is our understanding of government legislation specific to the various industries we support. We have expertise in how to maintain compliance specific to the Mining Act 1992.

We’re glad to see the NSW Resources Regulator highlighting the importance of contractor management in ensuring overall workforce compliance.

From NSW Resources Regulator, Compliance Priorities, January – June 2021:

From recent regulatory activities it has been identified that the interaction and communication between mine operators and contractors has been a contributing factor in dangerous or high-potential incidents.

This project will focus on the implementation of contractor safety management systems, the mutual review of the safety management system as required under clause 22 of the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014 and the process of determining which safety management system the contractor will be working under.

The communication and dissemination of safety critical information to contractors including labour hire contractors, project contractors and maintenance contractors will be reviewed.

The assessments will consider contractors and any sub-contractors they may be engaging.

Our in-depth experience in managing contractors for our clients means Pegasus is uniquely positioned to help your organisation align with these compliance priorities.

Through Company Pre-Qualification, Pegasus provides a Safety Management System (SMS) review where our in-house auditing team reviews selected safety documents. Our auditors have comprehensive experience overseeing safety and compliance in the industries we support.

Our team guides your contractors through the audit process, helping them to prepare and respond, and to learn and improve. It is our job to ensure your workforce is doing everything required to reduce your risk.

Through Worker Competency Management, you’ll gain an understanding of who is working for you and make sure they are qualified for their role.

Alongside meeting legislative requirements, the Pegasus system is configured to meet your specific requirements to ensure safe work on every site.

Find out how Pegasus can help you with contractor management. Begin the conversation.

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