From Monday 23 November 2020, it became mandatory for NSW businesses to complete digital check in registrations of everyone attending their sites.

These new COVID-safe rules mean businesses who do not electronically record contact details will face strict penalties.

Pegasus Mobile Check-In has been developed to help our valued clients manage this risk and comply with these new obligations.

Linking Your Data and Managing Your Risk

Pegasus Mobile Check-In is a simple and intuitive solution to manage and trace the COVID risk on your sites and projects.

Most valuably, the information collected links to your Pegasus solution, meaning you can report and make operational decisions with the evidence available at your fingertips.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 > Visitors and workers scan your unique Pegasus QR code.

Step 2 > Check In to site – entering name, company, and contact details. They can choose to have their details remembered for next time.

Step 3 > Complete a COVID health declaration. Those who answer YES to the declaration are denied site access. Those who answer NO are permitted on site.

Step 4 > Check Out when leaving site.

Pegasus COVID check in app 1

Pegasus COVID check in app 2

What Can I Do With The Information?

The data collected from Pegasus Mobile Check-In links immediately to your Pegasus solution and the on site now log.

You can leverage powerful Pegasus reports to view name, company and contact details, as well as the time they checked in and out, the site they attended, and their hours on site.

You can even check if a person indicates YES to COVID symptoms and is subsequently denied site access.

This level of detail is only available with Pegasus Mobile Check-In and is a guarantee that you are complying with the mandatory NSW Government tracing rules.

How Do I Get It And Comply With The New Rules?

Speak to your Pegasus Account Manager or email info@pegasus.net.au today about how Pegasus Mobile Check-In will help you meet government regulations and keep your workforce safe.

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