Australia’s leading multi-disciplinary construction company, BESIX Watpac, has chosen Pegasus to manage the competency and compliance of their workforce and plant at the Barangaroo Station project.

In the heart of Sydney’s CBD, the Sydney Metro contract includes the underground station platforms and full fit-out, station entrance, a variety of pedestrian and cycling facilities, surrounding roads, and the public domain works including footpaths, tree planting, lighting and street furniture.

Proven Track Record

Pegasus is uniquely qualified to manage contractor compliance for BESIX Watpac on this project given our experience in the construction space and with other Sydney Metro projects including Victoria Cross ISD and Martin Place Metro.

The ability to provide customised and in-depth worker and diversity reporting—part of BESIX Watpac’s reporting obligations—made the selection of Pegasus an easy one. By using Pegasus for their workforce management needs, they know their workers and plant are safe and ready to work.

The solution, known as BESIX Watpac Site Access, will enable the company to:

  • Comply with legal requirements;
  • Induct, onboard and manage their workforce;
  • Set clear site access requirements; and
  • Ensure plant and assets meet WHS requirements.

Saving time and standardising processes

Barangaroo Station is part of the biggest public transport project in Australia and will generate hundreds of jobs. Managing the onboarding of workers and plant—and keeping them compliant with site health and safety requirements—means Pegasus gives BESIX Watpac consistency and saves them time.

“Introducing BESIX Watpac Site Access will save on administration time and allow for us to standardise processes across our workflow,” said Warren Norquay, Project Safety Advisor at BESIX Watpac.

“The Pegasus platform gives us the capability to standardise the onboarding and induction of contractors on site.”

Many BESIX Watpac contractors are already familiar with Pegasus, having previously used the system with other clients and projects. This experience means their workers become compliant and ready to go in record time—especially during peaks—with minimal impact on project resources. As the Pegasus team knows well, reducing this burden on our clients is critical to keep construction projects on time and budget.

Positive Actions – BESIX Watpac’s Safety Culture

Health and safety performance is not only the absence of harm, but the presence of positive actions.

Every day, BESIX Watpac takes responsibility to manage risks and make decisions to ensure every person in their team and community remains safe and healthy.

This starts with a culture focused on people, engagement, and wellbeing, supported by their certified Health and Safety, Environment and Quality management systems which are subject to in-depth internal and external audits and their Work Safe. Home Safe philosophy.

Their emphasis is on shared responsibility, continuous improvement and visible leadership which encourages employees, sub-contractors and clients to consider the role they each play in providing a safe workplace for everyone.

Allowing Safety Teams to Prioritise Safety Over Paperwork

One of the benefits of Pegasus workforce management is taking the often time-consuming task of managing contractors off our clients.

As experts in this field, our software will ensure workers on the Barangaroo Station project are competent and compliant, freeing up their people to focus on face-to-face management.

“Our ability to validate documents will help BESIX Watpac reduce the reliance on their site teams to do this. This will allow their Safety team to focus on safety instead of paperwork,” said Ilche Vojdanoski, Pegasus Client Account Manager.

At Pegasus, we’re proud to partner with BESIX Watpac in managing their contractor safety and compliance.

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