New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company, Chorus, has chosen Pegasus to manage the compliance and safety of its supply chain.

Chorus is responsible for the roll out of the New Zealand’s national broadband network. They work across a large and complex supply chain.

The Pegasus Company Pre-Qualification product has been selected to verify and manage contractor documentation and information, and provide high-level insight across their suppliers to ensure company excellence.

“The managed service element is what we’re looking forward to with Pegasus. We think it will give us some good consistency of approach across our supply chain,” said Max Riley, Head of Business Resilience at Chorus.

Committed to Safety

Safety is essential to Chorus. When looking for a workforce management partner, Pegasus stood out for the quality we provide our clients.

“When you compared Pegasus with others in the market, it’s not just about price, it’s also about quality, relationship, and being able to deliver to the scope,” said Max.

“We were comfortable with Pegasus’s ability to deliver on the scope and niche that we needed, while being flexible enough to grow our workforce management solution as needed to meet our obligations.”


Safety at Chorus

“At Chorus we are committed to taking all reasonably practicable steps to ensure a healthy, safe and secure environment for Chorus people (including employees and contractors).”

“We care about Chorus people and the welfare of those in our supplier ecosystem. Chorus are actively focused on a positive and visible health and safety culture supported by our company values and respecting the principle that everyone should be able to go home safe.”

“This means from the top down Chorus has zero tolerance for major injuries and fatalities. No business objective will be prioritised over the health and safety of any person.”


Automation For Increased Productivity & Oversight

Automating repetitive administrative tasks in the Pegasus solution frees up Chorus staff to priorities supplier relationships, assurance and governance – and less time handling documentation.

“The automation of a task will give you an opportunity to use that productivity in another area. It also means you’ve got a current single source for that information and don’t have any gaps,” said Max.

“I feel confident that Pegasus is a business that will continue to grow and add value to Chorus.”


A Beneficial Partnership

Pegasus is excited to partner with Chorus to ensure consistency across their supply chain as they maintain their strong focus on customer experience.

“The team at Chorus are passionate about their work and the relationships they have with their suppliers and contractors. Having the opportunity to work with Chorus across teams to streamline the management of their supply chain and contractors is a privilege for Pegasus,” said Hiren Patel, Principal Consultant at Pegasus.

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