Community-driven tech is providing a silver lining in the Royal Aged Care Commission.

The current Aged Care Royal Commission is asking the following:

  • How can we make sure that aged care homes and services provide good and safe care?
  • What can be done so there are enough good quality aged care homes and services in the community for all the people who need them?
  • Are there enough good quality services in remote, rural and regional Australia?
  • What are the best ways to help and care for people living with dementia?
  • What are the best ways to help and care for younger people with disabilities who are living in aged care homes? (Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, 2019)

The commission is also building quality standards across these eight areas:

  1. Consumer dignity and choice
  2. Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers
  3. Personal care and clinical care
  4. Services and supports for daily living
  5. Organisation’s service environment
  6. Feedback and complaints
  7. Human resources
  8. Organisational governance (Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, 2019)

The Opportunity

An opportunity lies in technology providers to use data and systems to ensure higher standards of safety, higher standards of compliance, higher standards of competency measurement, e-learning utilisation and using technology to ensure on-site safety for staff and patients.

Recently at the Royal Commission, ACIITC Independent Chair George Margelis said “unless technology is an embedded feature of aged care…its potential to provide better care and better quality of life will be lost.” (Australian Aging Agenda, 2019).


The Pegasus Solution

Through a one card solution, Pegasus will:

  • Increase the visibility of worker compliance to all stakeholders
  • Reduce risk of unskilled workers being engaged for work
  • Decrease unnecessary administration burden for client and workforce
  • Reduce the duplication of training costs to industry
  • Streamline worker competency standards in the aged care industry
  • Centralise collection of worker compliance, ongoing training all year round, in real time
  • Manage workforce breaches

Creating a workforce solution for aged care in this climate is an exciting opportunity for Pegasus and our partners. It’s an opportunity to find a silver lining in the findings, bring people together and deliver solutions that have real impact.

Currently we are meeting with interested parties to discuss potential partnerships – mean custom workforce management solutions that impact bottom lines, and more importantly keep workers compliant and residents and patients safe.

If you are interested in partnering with Pegasus in the creation of a first-in-market aged care workforce management solution please contact our team.

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