Preventing worksite tragedies in the construction industry.

This past year has seen a number of tragic accidents on worksites across Australia.

In 2019, Safe Work Australia has already recorded 111 workers killed at work with 17 of them being in the construction industry.

In early September, a construction worker in Ballarat was killed when a wall of the building he was working on collapsed. In August, a worker died in Western Sydney after plunging 30 metres down a shaft in an apartment block in what was described as a preventable workplace incident.

Following tragedies such as these, attention is often drawn to the operators of the sites and questions can sometimes be raised around the vetting, training and safety standards enforced for all onsite workers.

Failure to adequately mitigate risks on a construction site means a simple mistake by one worker can lead to serious damage, injury or death and expose the operator to litigation and costly lawsuits.

The Pegasus online integrated solution is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of workplace safety in Australia and around the world.

The pre-qualification process collects, compares and verifies your contractors, guaranteeing they reach each of your particular compliance specifications.

The Pegasus solution also provides protection down to the individual worker, with worker competency management providing full visibility of every workers’ licences, certifications and inductions. Vital data to ensure your workers are safe and qualified for each and every task they are required to perform.

Access control and site safety also empowers you to manage site access, hours worked, emergency evacuations, and fatigue of all workers, in real time.

While accidents can unfortunately never be entirely eradicated from construction sites, vital tools such as these can be implemented to significantly reduce the chances of them happening.

Pegasus has been a staple part of workforce management in the construction industry for a number of years and understand the unique industry-specific solutions needed to alleviate the administration, time and financial burdens of safeguarding your business.

The Pegasus construction solution provides the tools to mitigate onsite accidents and save lives.

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