As you are aware, the Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Program will transition to Metro Trains Australia (MTA) on 27 June 2019. Pegasus would like to clarify our position in the rail industry following the transition.

Currently, Pegasus operates on more than 90 different rail-related projects across Australia. Some of these projects are rail-only projects and others combine with civil construction projects that do not require their workforce to register for an RIW card. Following 27 June 2019, these projects will continue to operate with Pegasus.

Pegasus will recognise all current RIW cards on these projects as well as the new RIW cards provided by MTA. The card will be read by readers on our kiosks, tablets, turnstiles and gates. Workers should see no change to their current experience – they will simply be swiping with another card.

In agreement with MTA, Pegasus will integrate with the new RIW system to extract the records of workers with a new RIW card on registration or renewal. When registering or renewing, the worker will be asked to supply their new RIW number and their RIW roles will be populated electronically from the new RIW system.

As has been the case for the last seven years, Pegasus will continue to be a competency management system compliant with Rail Safety National Law. Pegasus will rebrand the current Rail Industry Worker Portal to be called the Rail Safety Worker (RSW) Portal as it was originally named in 2012.

Given that Pegasus will no longer issue RIW cards following the 27 June 2019 deadline or use the RIW brand or logo, the new RSW cards will provide an alternate solution to the RIW card, still compliant with the Rail Safety National Law. Some Rail Operators and Rail Infrastructure Managers may choose to use the RSW cards to manage the competency of their workforce.

Pegasus will send stickers with the new Rail Safety Worker logo to all existing RIW cardholders to place over the RIW and ARA logos so the card can still be used on projects.

Adam Boyle Chief Executive Officer, Pegasus

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