When a contractor provides you with the details needed to work for you, who is checking their paperwork? Where is it all being collected? Are the documents accessible? Do you have time to check the information is correct? Or when it expires?

Do you have the right information to manage your risk?

One of the greatest risks to your business is contracting companies and workers who don’t have the correct or valid licenses and insurances, leaving you open to hefty fines or even prosecution if something goes wrong and you’re not protected.

What makes Pegasus stand out from the crowd is our verification guarantee. It’s what makes us essential to your business.

With Pegasus, we do it all for you. That means the collection of documents, licences and insurances from your contractors and workers is no longer your problem, or a drain on your resources.

Instead, contractors upload all that paperwork and all that data directly into the Pegasus platform. But it doesn’t stop there and we’re not just a database of information. Because our document verification team check every single thing is:

  • Valid
  • In date
  • Exactly what you require


It’s Not Just What We Verify – It’s Also What We Don’t

Many contractor management systems accept all documents submitted and call it a day.

But not Pegasus.

Unless the documents a contractor provides are an exact match for the one you’ve asked them for, Pegasus rejects and returns them.

An exact match means exactly that – we build business rules with you, using a library of industry standard document examples as the foundation. And when our team opens and compares an uploaded document, it must be the same to be verified and approved.

Sometimes documents are rejected for simple reasons. Incorrect dates, poor image quality, or the wrong document for that competency—which can happen when you’re providing a lot of information.

Our team understands that, and all rejected or returned documents will be emailed back to the contractor with a reason for their return. Contractors are given the chance to update them, and have access to the business rules (the documents you’ll accept) at any time to get it right.

But more important than why we reject documents is the fact that we do. Verification with Pegasus is organised, thorough, and fast. We are the experts, and our numbers don’t lie.


How Many Documents Do We Verify?

  • In 2020, Pegasus received 331,911 documents that required verification. Of those, 46,297 were returned.
  • So far in 2021, we’ve received 239,305 with 20,370 returned.
  • Our data verification team process between 7,000 and 10,000 documents per week. They work from 7am through to midnight on weekdays.
  • Time from when document is received to verification: 24 to 72 hours.


What Are Our Favourite Rejected Documents?

While documents are rejected for a variety of reasons, we’ve had some doozies in our time. Some of our favourites have included:

  • A picture of Mickey Mouse
  • Various photos of dogs
  • Crazy wigs
  • Photoshop and filters – hearts and stars the latest craze
  • Altered diplomas where the name has obviously been replaced
  • Mr Miyagi as a photo ID
  • Driver’s licences with the name and date of birth crossed out to protect from stolen identity, when we need those details to verify
  • Word documents saying “please accept we don’t have this document”

Alongside providing some comic relief for our team, it highlights the importance of verification. Contractors can’t upload just anything in the system and be marked as compliant. Every document is checked. Every single one.

How Can I Make Sure My Contractor’s Documents Are Verified?

To take advantage of our quick processing times to get your workers on the job faster, get them to answer questions before uploading documents into the Pegasus system:

  • Have I checked the business rule of accepted documents?
  • Do I have the right document?
  • Is any information missing?
  • Is the image clear?
  • Is it valid?
  • Is it in date?

Tip: One of our most rejected documents is the humble driver’s license, often for the simple reason of not including a photo of the back.

Why risk it? Leave it to the experts at Pegasus.

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