At Pegasus, we have the user experience in mind when deploying system upgrades. In an increasingly multicultural society, Pegasus has made the important step of our portals being able to support multiple languages.


Available in Multiple Languages

The Pegasus Client Portal will soon be available in French, German and Spanish; the Company Pre-Qualification Portal in French and German.

The Mobile App and Roles Portal have been translated and are ready to go. Users will see further languages available as the system rolls out.

When users login, through a drop down menu they will be able to choose which language they would like the information to appear in.

Our software can support any language. Automatic translations take a few days, with quality assurance checks a four-week turnaround. This is to make sure it’s a true translation which conveys the right message.


Translation Allows for Further Accessibility

“We recognise Australia is a really diverse place. Because of this, we want to make sure our portals are easily accessible,” says Hiren Patel, Pegasus Principal Consultant.

“We have the technology available to automatically translate our software. This offers meaningful workflow to our clients and their workers in an increasingly diverse workforce.”

This isn’t the first time Pegasus has used translation, with Woolworths having their Workplace Training Induction translated into Arabic, Hindi, Korean, and Mandarin. We received positive feedback as the course allows the learner to pick their language and go from there.

As an increasingly multicultural society, translation helps to ensure the safety of your workforce in a language they understand.


Positioned for Global Growth

Through our relationship with University of Newcastle we engaged with a student from Switzerland, Tamara Blickisdorf, to translate our software into French and German.

We also work with our global partners when it comes to translation. CONDOR with their placement in the European market is able to support the development of additional language translations as we expand our presence in Europe.

Being able to translate our software positions us for global growth as we offer our workforce management services to our international clients.

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