Control risk before your workforce enters site

You need to ensure that every worker coming to your sites is qualified, skilled, and fit for work. That certainty allows you to manage organisational risk – both to safety and reputation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness for work became an even greater priority on worksites worldwide. Temperature checking is the first and most sensible step in a vital risk-management process.

Through a customised thermal imaging camera, integrated within your Pegasus site access kiosk, Pegasus Temperature Screening will check and evaluate worker’s temperatures before they enter your site—potentially preventing sick workers from infecting others and disrupting your operations.

How does it work?

Pegasus Temperature Screening will be integrated with your Pegasus kiosk to provide instant results at the point of log in. Every worker who wants access to your site will have their temperature taken.

  1. A worker swipes their Pegasus access card at the kiosk to begin the login process.
  2. Pegasus Temperature Screening logs their temperature instantly.

If they pass: they continue the login process.

If they fail: you will receive an email alert about the worker’s result. On the kiosk, a message will direct the worker for further screening.

Tailored To Your Requirements

We know you will have your own protocols when responding to illness risks on site.

Pegasus Temperature Screening will be configured to your chosen temperature parameters, and secondary screening should a worker fail your requirements when they try to log in.

Technical Features

  • Sub ±0.5°C accuracy
  • Sub 1 sec screening time
  • Face detection range: 0.5–1.2 meters

What are the benefits of Pegasus Temperature Screening?

  • Immediate cost-savings, eliminating the need for manual temperature checking.
  • Streamlined and consistent implementation of your fitness for work protocols.
  • Manage the spread of potential illness before workers login to site.

All-inclusive price: set up, installation, calibration, and integration into your existing Pegasus system.

Speak to your Account Manager about adding Pegasus Temperature Screening to your workforce management solution and potentially prevent the spread of illness on your sites.

This is not a clinical medical device to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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