1. Innovation

At Pegasus we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of software technology and we ensure our clients enjoy the latest in industry solutions and technology advancements.


2. Security

Security is not an additional feature of our software; it is an integral part of all that we do. Our rigorous measures ensure our clients are protected by the very best data security standards.


3. Agility

We understand that your workforce management software must solve your business needs. Our customisable solution works with you to solve your pain points, and is completely scalable as your business grows.


4. Experience

Pegasus is the trusted industry name in workforce management. We manage solutions for over 3.5 million workers and 70,000 companies. Our founders lead a passionate team of experienced professionals/


5. Usability

Our solutions are about one thing – making life easier for you. We are dedicated to ensuring our software is user friendly and provides real, measurable results to turn workforce insight into action.


6. Cost Reduction

When you implement your workforce management solution, you instantly reduce the number of users needed to process high volumers of data. This saves valuable time and decreases your existing costs.


7. Peer Review

You can be sure with Pegasus that every element of your solution will pass our rigorous peer review process. This includes contractor audits, work role assessments, and competency verification to your set business rules.


Talk to us today about how Pegasus can save you time, improve your processes, and reduce your administrative burdens.

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