Good communication practices are essential for productive and successful workplaces.

It is important for your workers to know exactly what is expected of them—both in how to carry out their role, as well as the specific work health and safety requirements of your sites and projects.

Most Aussie businesses have onboarding down to a fine art. In those first few days of a new job, your workers read endless policies and undertake training specific to their role. But this shouldn’t end at the beginning. Clear and regular communication with your workforce is essential.

So, what happens when situations in your workplace are rapidly evolving?

Whether bushfires, floods, damaging winds, or public health situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to communicate the same message to your workforce to provide clarity and avoid confusion.

Ensuring everyone is getting the right messages and the most up-to-date information is the best way to set standards, reduce risk, and ensure success.

Communication is key.

Take the recent COVID-19 outbreaks across large parts of the country.

With current advice and health requirements sometimes changing by the hour, it is not enough to assume your workers have read the latest public health orders. You must communicate with them exactly what it means for their work moving forward so there is no chance of misunderstanding.

Do not wait for your workers to ask you before communicating with them. Uncertainty can lead to mistakes, exposing them to unnecessary risk.

How can you convey a consistent message to your workforce?

At Pegasus, we understand it’s vital for you to be able to communicate important updates and information to your workforce—and fast.

This is why Pegasus Broadcasting was developed for our clients. During uncertain times and changing situations, the feature allows you to communicate with your workforce through SMS or email to make sure everyone has the same message.

Through the evolving COVID-19 situation in Greater Sydney, we were able to assist our client Patrick Terminals when surveillance testing for workers in certain local government areas came into play.

We sent a mass communication to their workers in the region where we:

  • directed them to the public health order,
  • communicated the change of requirements to enter a Patrick site office or terminal, and
  • listed the affected suburbs, leaving no room for error.

Who can you use Broadcast for?

There are four types of Broadcast (SMS and email) audiences you can select:

  • Company Broadcasts which go to all workers from a certain company
  • Crew Broadcasts which go to all workers in a specific crew
  • Site Broadcasts which go to all workers associated with a specific site
  • Worker Broadcasts which go to a selected list of workers

What can Pegasus communicate to your workforce?

  1. Changes to procedures

    Have you reviewed your work health and safety requirements? Has there been a change in legislation which requires you to update your procedures? There’s no point in updating anything unless your workforce is aware of the change.

  2. Current government guidelines

    By sending this information to your workforce, you can make sure everyone is working off the same up-to-date information.

  3. Central places of information

    Did you know Pegasus has dedicated Contractor Information Sites which help your contractors follow the right process and reach compliance for you? Changes to procedures or updated policies can be added on the contractor information sites, making it easier than ever for your workers to find what is expected of them when they work for you.

  4. Tips for utilising down time

    When in an unprecedented move the NSW Government ordered a two-week pause on all non-essential construction in the Greater Sydney region, we didn’t skip a beat. We sent an email to our construction clients’ contractors outlining how they can make the most of the down time and ensure their workers are compliant so they’re ready to work when the pause is over.

Do you need help communicating with your workforce? Talk to Pegasus today about how we can help you.

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