The latest report from WA’s Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety shows that mining remains a high-risk industry for workers.

According to ABC News, New figures show West Australian mine workers are being seriously injured on the job at a rate of more than one a day – a damning statistic after companies were warned about fatigue management during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

There were two fatal mining accidents in 2019-20 in Western Australia, and the number of workers sustaining injury remains too high. With the state’s Towards 2020 strategy closed, it’s three key goals remain: world-leading regulation, smarter systems, and a well-informed industry.


A High-Risk Industry

Australia’s mining industry is crucial to the Australian economy. In 2019-20 it was responsible for delivering a 10.4 per cent share of the economy, making it the largest economic contributor to our GDP. At the end of 2020, it was estimated over 130,000 people were employed in the Australian mining industry, all doing roles with varying degrees of difficulty/danger.

There have been significant improvements to health and safety in the mining industry in Australia over the past decade as legislative framework across the country has been implemented to keep workers safe. However, it remains high-risk.  According to SafeWork Australia, the mining industry still has the third highest fatality rate of any industry with an average of 9 workers dying each year.


An Obligation to Safety

Safe mining operations are protected by a world-leading regulatory and policy framework. For organisations focusing on health and safety, the benefits include meeting legal requirements, minimising the cost to the business associated with workplace injuries, and maximising productivity.

Every mine site has a responsibility to ensure their workforce are operating safely. Here’s how Pegasus can help you.


Pegasus Ensuring the Safety of Your Mine Site

Pegasus partners with some of the world’s largest mines to qualify and manage safety on their sites where only the most comprehensive safety system will do. We have extensive knowledge of the unique challenges facing the highly regulated mining industry which we leverage to help you better manage the competency and safety of your workforce.

From our origins in the Hunter Valley, Pegasus understands the unique needs of the Australian mining industry, from legislative requirements to the high-risk nature of the work undertaken. Our workforce management solution is the perfect partner for safety in mining.


How it works

Create risk profiles for your contracting companies with Company Pre-Qualification and have the appropriate insurances and licences collected. Each contracting company will have their information verified against your standards to make sure those working for you are playing on the same field.

Worker Competency Management maintains the safety, training, and ongoing compliance of your workforce.

Induction and Learning Management ensures your workers receive localised training to your specific site standards.

With legislation changes and expiring licences, Pegasus sends auto-reminders whenever anything is expiring, or if you update the requirements for site access.

Fatigue management is an important aspect of maintaining safety on mine sites. You want people working in a high-risk environment to be well rested and alert. With Pegasus Site Access, you can block access to site for workers who haven’t had the appropriate amount of hours between shifts.

Start the conversation with one of our mining experts today about ensuring safety on your mine site.

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