Are you getting the most out of your training and induction system?

Putting together a Learning Management System (LMS) is a pretty achievable task for most businesses, but creating one that is seamless, engaging, and adaptable can be more difficult than it seems.

Here are the top 3 key strategies you should be achieving to get the most out of your program – and save time and money. 


Migrating your inductions and training onto a digital platform means you can reach all workers, regardless of their location.

Not only does this allow you to fully customise your training, but the entire process can be standardised without the need to schedule classroom sessions, book trainers, or organise worker availability. No more printing handouts and no more repeating the same induction content over and over again. While converting manual paperwork to an online system may seem daunting, engaging with experts like Pegasus means the entire process is taken care of and best practice is ensured.


A fully customisable Learning Management System (LMS) with a focus on real-time changes is essential in today’s workplace.

Constantly evolving WHS requirements and qualifications are some of the key concerns many businesses must navigate when building their training and induction modules. Agility has become even more pertinent following the COVID pandemic. A successful LMS keeps up to date with frequent changes without wasting time or increasing administration burden.


Training and inducting staff is one thing – but if you can’t report on and view their results, you are missing out on vital feedback.

Similarly, if you don’t have the capacity to manually track expirations of individual training you are exposing yourself and your business to significant risk. Sending out reminders manually, then having to follow up to make sure they’re acted on correctly, takes time, effort, and is extremely inefficient. The comprehensive Pegasus LMS allows you to simplify the entire process with automated reminders and access to analytics and reporting at the click of a button.

Not all Learning Management System are the same, and adopting one which eliminates unnecessary time burdens, increases efficiency, and adapts to real-time changes gives your business a substantial advantage.

Discover more about the Pegasus LMS here:


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