For our clients, the Pegasus solution is powerful.

It collects detailed information about all the companies who work for you and their relationships to one another.

It knows everything about your workers – their roles, who they work for, their attendance, and their competencies.

It sees everything happening on your sites – who is working for you, where they are, their training, and what they can do.

There are stories to tell from this data. Trends to learn from, questions to ask, and information to act on.

Build your own insights, in real time, all from one place.

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Data Analytics in the Pegasus Client Portal empowers you discover the why in your data to:

  • learn trends and drill down for more insight – including into workforce compliance
  • use predictive analytics to determine future events based on current and past data
  • give your team an at-a-glance view of the workforce using dynamic charts and graphs
  • quickly mobilise workers and crews to site, searching by role or competency
  • visualise metrics that would otherwise be difficult to find
  • uncover the full worker and company work cycle – from onboarding to time on site
  • present your insights in a meaningful, visual format
  • save time collecting large datasets in one interface
  • track technical support calls through to completion

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Leveraging your Pegasus Solution

Data Analytics brings the information in the Pegasus Client Portal to life. Be empowered to build your own insights. Manage your operations into the future by acting on the trends and data you can see today.


Configured to your standards

User access and reporting is configured to match your business needs, including Manager, Supervisor, and Site levels to analyse data on companies, workers and sites. Real-time data at your fingertips includes analysis of roles, logpoints, attendance and competencies.


An Intuitive Interface

You control the Data Analytics interface. Connect with Pegasus to determine your user levels and custom brand your cloud solution in one, consolidated, feature.

Ready to discover the why in your data? Speak to your Pegasus Account Manager or email info@pegasus.net.au.

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