If your organisation is looking for a workforce management partner, along the way you discover Pegasus and learn what we can help you with.

You know we pre-qualify companies, make sure your workers are competent, provide induction and training, only grant site access to those who pass those first three parts, and we even make sure the plant and assets on your sites are up to code.

It seems like a lot, because it is.

And one of the biggest roadblocks we’ve found for companies implementing a workforce management system is the amount of work you think you’ll still have to do.

This is where you can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Because when you partner with Pegasus for your workforce management needs, we do most of the heavy lifting for you. In fact, it’s why many of our clients choose us.

“The managed service element is what we’re looking forward to with Pegasus. We think it will give us some good consistency of approach across our supply chain,” said Max Riley, Head of Business Resilience at Chorus.

What are the first steps?

The first thing to do is set standards. This is where you decide the information you need to collect from your contracting companies and/or workers, depending on how you’re choosing to manage your risk and safety. These include documents like insurances, licences, policies, and qualifications, etc.

You may come into this process knowing exactly what you need to collect and verify. Or you might be more comfortable with a little extra help. If you fall into the second camp, we’ve got you covered. At Pegasus, we have years of experience across multiple industries. The knowledge we’ve gained allows us to help you form the basis of your business rules.

What are business rules?

Business rules in the Pegasus world tell your contracting companies and workers what documents (and in what format) will need to be uploaded and verified by Pegasus to work for you. With everyone understanding exactly what they need to do to be compliant, time is saved, and workers are approved and on the job for you quicker.

“There’s all different perceptions around what good compliance on contractor management is. The benefit with Pegasus is you’ve got a consistent standard for everyone that’s being employed. It’s ensuring the risk is managed,” said Chris Taylor, Head of Safety and Wellbeing at Hilton Foods.

Who verifies these documents?

We’ve decided on the documents which need to be collected—now what?

Now, you sit back and let Pegasus do the work for you. No, really.

When a document is uploaded into your Pegasus platform, everything is verified by us. That thorough process is among our core and most valuable services, because verified data is trusted data. It’s correct, accurate. It’s how contractors prove they can work for you. It gives your company a complete view of the capability of your workforce. You can read more about how Pegasus data verification works here.

It’s not something you need to assign resources to. We do it for you.

How do I explain this to my contractors?

It can be hard explaining a service to others when you’re still learning about it yourself. This is why Pegasus works alongside you to create dedicated onboarding strategies. We help to engage and guide your contractors, workers, and staff in their use and understanding of the Pegasus platform—making the transition as smooth as possible.

This happens in a few ways.

We create a dedicated information website (in your branding) where we:

  • Explain what the solution is and why you’re implementing it
  • Provide step-by-step instructions for how to register
  • Host a help and resources page with user guides, documents, and answers to frequently asked questions, and
  • Give details to contact the dedicated Pegasus support team for help.

When it’s time to launch, we send emails with clear instructions and steps to your workforce, asking them to register. These always link to the information website where they can find further instructions.

For those who learn by seeing the platform in action, we provide webinars where a Pegasus trainersteps your contractors through the system. So when it’s go time, everyone hasall the information they need to get started.

“There are several reasons why we chose Pegasus for our contractor management solution. First and foremost, we liked how simple and inviting the user interface is, not just for our staff, but for the contractors who will be using it,” said Ben Meikle, National HSE Manager – Systems and Projects at Patrick Terminals.

Who do my contractors or staff call if they need extra help?

The Pegasus customer success team is a dedicated resource committed to the success of your Pegasus partnership. From day one of your implementation, the customer success team are on the phone to your workforce, explaining your safety and compliance mandate, guiding them in their use of the system, and checking in to ensure they’re maintaining that compliance and getting the most from the system. The customer success team are your continuous improvement resource, always connecting to ensure the ongoing success of our partnership.

“The level of support from Pegasus is really good, from the Account Manager to the day-to-day calls for minor issues. I’m impressed by how well-staffed the system is; it has given me a lot of confidence,” said Philip Roche, HSEQ Manager Energy & Technology at Lendlease.

How do they stay compliant?

Unlike many software implementations, our partnership doesn’t end at the beginning. While we work hard to get your workforce compliant when we launch, the work continues to keep them compliant.

We support the ongoing compliance of your workforce with the help of your Pegasus Account Manager, specialist industry group support team, the customer success team, and the communications team.

Auto-reminders are sent when a competency or qualification is reaching expiry. We communicate with your workers whenever there are new capabilities or updates available in the system.

When situations in your workplace are rapidly evolving and require communication to your workforce, Pegasus helps you with this process.

If you’ve been nodding your head reading this and haven’t already partnered with Pegasus for your workforce management solution, what are you waiting for? We do all the heavy lifting for you and the outcome is a safer workforce.

Talk to us today about how we can help carry your load.

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