What does a workforce management system mean to you? It might sound complex and substantial, but it boils down to something pretty simple.

When your business engages contracting companies and their workers, and you have employees of your own—that’s a lot of people to manage. It’s easy for things to be missed.

Every company in every industry has legislative requirements to meet when it comes to the safety of their workforce.

This is where a workforce management system, like Pegasus, comes in. Before anyone begins working for you, we collect documents, licences, insurances, qualifications and training. This is then reviewed and verified (or rejected) by our data verification team. The result is a job-ready workforce and complete insight into your workforce data.

One of the pinnacles of the Pegasus platform is its ability to provide you with real-time visibility across everyone coming to your site.

So, why is this a good thing?

Everyone working for you has a profile in your Pegasus solution which is linked to their Pegasus ID card. They use these cards to log in and out and at an access point—logpoint, kiosk, mobile app, or boom gate—at the beginning and end of their time on your site.

This real-time data gives you an at-a-glance view of your workforce – who is on site, what they are doing, how long they are on site, and how each site is performing, all from one place. Beyond only capturing the data of the workers currently on site, it’s insight into everyone registered in your Pegasus system.

“We’re talking about fitness for work, we’re talking about competency, we’re talking about compliance, licensing arrangements and currency of insurances – all of that is managed responsively,” said Craig Hagan, Yancoal’s Training and Development Specialist.

What can you do with this data?

The information gathered in your workforce management system provides you with a holistic view of your operations, and insight into every worker and company to plan for the success of your business.

With this data you can:

  • Manage worker safety and compliance
  • Control site access – only competent workers and valid cardholders can access your sites and projects
  • Report on hours worked
  • Streamline emergency evacuations – create events in the Pegasus Onsite Mobile App to mark workers safe in an emergency evacuation
  • Manage fatigue

You are then empowered to report, analyse, and make decisions based on this information, like our manufacturing client Lion has done.

“We need to be able to very quickly identify contractors that are qualified to do the type of job we’re asking them to do. Pegasus will help us build a Global Contractor Safety Solution across the entire Lion network in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK,” said Andy Graces, Lion’s Safety Leader Marketplace.

But wait, there’s more!

Beyond giving you access to the data in the palm of your hand, wherever your supervisors are, our Mobile App takes it a step further when it comes to real-time reporting. Using it, you can:

  • Gain workforce insight – knowing exactly who is on your site at any time and what contracting company they work for.
  • Develop a swift emergency response – creating events to mark workers safe in an emergency evacuation.
  • Perform on the spot compliance checks – by knowing who is on your site, you can find out what they’re doing and what their current compliance status is.
  • Keep a record of attendance – when you have toolbox talks and pre-start meetings, you can have a log of which workers were in attendance, so you can be aware of those who might need to be told extra information.

Let’s take this a step further

The data collected in your Pegasus solution can be viewed in your Client Portal. There are stories to tell from this data. Trends to learn from, questions to ask, and information to act on. There is so much your data can tell you if you listen to it.

From the analytics in your Client Portal, be empowered to:

  • learn trends and drill down for more insight – especially into workforce compliance
  • learn from past data by using predictive analytics to determine future events
  • give your team an at-a-glance view of the workforce, using dynamic charts and graphs to tell a story
  • mobilise workers and crews on site quickly by searching role or competency
  • visualise otherwise difficult to find metrics
  • gain insight into the worker and company lifecycle – from onboarding to time on site
  • present your insights in a meaningful, visual format to make reporting a breeze
  • save time collecting large datasets from one interface
  • track technical support calls through to completion

Gathering data about your workforce is only good when you can use it to make smarter operational decisions. By making the most of the real-time data in your Pegasus solution, you can act on the trends and data you see, making for better workplace success.

Are you ready to make the most of your data? Talk to Pegasus today.

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