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How It Works

Workforce by Avetta Home Page

The Workforce by Avetta app is an invite-only application. You must be invited to join the application by a system administrator before you will be able to log in.

Linked directly to your worker profile, Workforce by Avetta mobile app displays your ID cards, roles, and competencies for every client you work for all in an easy-to-use mobile app. Using QR codes or Bluetooth-enabled Tap to Access (for participating clients), your compliance profile is validated and you can be on site in seconds. Complete training, inductions & upload documentation to meet competency requirements before arriving to site.

No more time wasted waiting to be allowed on site. With clear access to individual site requirements, you'll eliminate surprises at the gate.

What You Can Do

Say goodbye to physical cards - have all your worker ID cards in one place

Check site access and work-ready status

View roles, competencies, and compliance progress

Inspect your cards to see upcoming expiry dates

Complete training assignments and inductions before arriving on site

Upload competency documentation and check their verification status

Manager onsite in a warehouse using the Workforce Client Mobile App

Tap to Access

Manager onsite in a warehouse using the Workforce Client Mobile App

In the same way you use your phone to pay for your morning coffee, sign into site using Tap to Access. Using secure Bluetooth technology, all you need is your phone to access site.

For sites where Tap-to-Access is enabled, open the Workforce by Avetta app, select ‘Tap to Access’, and tap your device on the reader which will usually be near the site gate. Your profile is checked against all access requirements. If compliance is up to date, you’ll be granted access. Our Tap-to-Access feature uses Bluetooth for near-field communication, without using location data. We’re committed to protecting you on site, as well as your personal data.

Card readers can be purchased from and installed by us – speak with your Account Manager for more information.

Proactively Maintain Compliance

Partner with Avetta to get access to our app

You'll be invited to download and join the app by an administrator

Login using your Gateway credentials

Have a digital copy of your worker profile on your phone

Use worker ID cards to access sites and projects

Stay on top of compliance by seeing upcoming expiries

Enable Workforce by Avetta today


Is the mobile app available as a standalone product?
No, it's not. It's linked to a company's workforce management solution and you will need to be invited by a company or client to access the app.
How much does the mobile app cost?
It's free to download and use! However, it does need to be linked to a Pegasus workforce management solution where there is an annual worker subscription fee. The use of the app is included in this cost.
Will everyone use Tap to Access?
No. It’s up to the client you work for to enable Tap to Access functionality on site. In the absence of Tap to Access, you can use the QR codes on your digital ID cards to sign on and off site at kiosks, turnstiles and logpoints that currently accept QR codes.
Do you need a card reader to use Tap to Access on site?
Yes, you do. Card readers are available for purchase at a cost of $500 + GST + installation cost per reader.
Can I upload my documents directly to from the mobile app?
Yes, you can upload documents to meet competency requirements via Workforce by Avetta.
Can I complete training on the Workforce by Avetta mobile app?
Yes, you use the Pegasus LMS in Workforce by Avetta to meet competency requirements.
Can the app be used on a tablet?
No, it can't. Workforce is a mobile only application
Can I tailor the Pegasus solution for my organisation?
Every Pegasus solution can be customised to suit the safety, compliance and operational needs of your organisation, and the unique needs of your industry. We offer a full workforce management suite of products, or you can choose those which suit your specific needs. At every step of the way, our industry experts will be on hand to help and guide you to get the most from your Pegasus solution. Visit our Products pages to learn more.

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