About The Project

Downer, one of the largest engineering and infrastructure businesses in Australia, was awarded the contract to construct the Newcastle Light Rail system.

Major construction started in September 2017 and the line was opened for public use on 17 February 2019. With the awarding of such a large contract, Downer needed a way to keep track of their employees and around 3,000 contractors working on the project.

Downer knew from their experience on other large-scale projects that they needed complete insight into the training and competency of each worker, to keep everybody safe.

They wanted to collect and verify licences, work tickets, and training, and to limit site access to only competent workers.

Where Pegasus Came In

Having previously partnered with us, Downer chose to again meet the challenges of worker competency management, online training, and site access control with the Pegasus workforce management software solution. On such a complex and high-risk site, it was vital to have one source of truth to set the standards expected of each worker.

Worker Competency Management collected data on the skills and qualifications of workers. Site Access meant only workers who's competence was verified were allowed on site. Mandatory alcolizer breath testing was also implemented at log points; anyone returning a positive result was denied site access, and an alert was sent from the system.

Online Pegasus inductions saved Downer time and money. With training tied to worker compliance, no one could log in to the Newcastle Light Rail construction site without having first completed important safety training.

Downer got the support they needed from the construction experts at Pegasus, setting and enforcing standards of skill and training across a workforce of thousands on the Newcastle Light Rail project.


What We Achieved

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