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Join Us at the Avetta Sydney Summit User Conference

We are excited to invite you to the Avetta Sydney Summit User Conference on July 25, 2024. The Summit will be held at the Swissôtel Sydney, providing a day filled with keynote speakers, customer panels, product sessions, awards dinner and the opportunity to network with your industry peers.


Why Attend the Avetta Sydney Summit?


The Avetta Sydney Summit is designed to bring together professionals from across industries, offering a platform to share best practices, exchange ideas, and connect with peers. Here’s what you can look forward to:


For Clients:


– Expert Insights: Hear from leaders in Health & Safety and Procurement about innovative strategies and tools to enhance your contractor management approach.

– Networking: Engage with peers facing similar challenges and build a supportive community for ongoing collaboration and shared knowledge.

– Resources and Support: Gain access to resources that will help you elevate your contractor management processes and support your career growth.


For Contractors and Suppliers:


– Client Interaction: Network with industry peers, other suppliers and current clients to build relationships that can drive your business forward.

– In-Person Support: Avetta’s team will be available for one-on-one consultations to answer your questions and provide guidance on maximising the benefits of the Avetta platform.

– Best Practices: Learn about Avetta best practices and discover how to efficiently meet client requirements.


Register Today


See the Avetta Summit agenda and register to attend.


The event is free to attend for all Avetta customers.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Now Live: Simplified Worker Invites to the Workforce by Avetta Mobile App

We are excited to announce an update to the Supplier Portal & Workforce by Avetta mobile app that will streamline the process of inviting workers to join. This enhancement is designed to reduce manual processes and improve the supplier admin experience.


Overview of the Enhancement:


With this new feature, Supplier Admin Users will no longer need to manually send invitations to workers to join the Workforce by Avetta mobile app. Instead, the invitation will be automatically sent to the worker once the Supplier Admin has successfully paid for the worker’s subscription. This ensures workers can quickly and easily access their Avetta Workforce profile on their mobile devices.


Key Features: 


Automatic Invitations: When a Supplier Admin pays for a worker’s subscription, the mobile app invite will be automatically sent to the worker.

Easy Registration:
Workers can complete their registration directly from the invite and view their profile to fulfil role requirements or check their site access.

Invite Status Tracking:
Supplier Admins can view the invite status against the worker’s profile and manually resend the invite if necessary. The status will display as ‘Invited’ or ‘Joined’ depending on the worker’s registration status.




Reduced Manual Processes: Supplier Admins can save time and effort by eliminating the need to send out invites manually.


Enhanced Compliance Management: With automatic invitations and easier access to the mobile app, workers can promptly update their compliance status, complete required training, and maintain up-to-date qualifications.


Improved User Experience: Workers can quickly access their profiles and necessary information anywhere with an internet connection, enhancing their overall experience.


Interested in learning more about Workforce by Avetta? Click here.


Our support teams are always available to assist you via the regular support phone line or email if you have any questions.

Now Live: Supplier Portal Training Competency Status Enhancement

We’re excited to announce a new enhancement to the Supplier Portal, focusing on Training Competency Status. This update improves the visibility of workers’ training enrolment in the Supplier Portal.


Overview of the Enhancement:


The Training Competency Status Enhancement will provide a clearer view of a worker’s training enrolment status within the Supplier Portal. This update is designed to ensure that users can easily determine whether a worker has been enrolled in training or needs to be enrolled.

Note: The update in this release is specifically related to the PENDING status for training competencies. Please be assured that existing training competency status assignments, including statuses Valid and Expired, will not be changed.


Breakdown of Training Competency Statuses:


breakdown of training competency statuses

Key Features: 


Enrolled Status: A new ‘Enrolled’ status will be displayed on the training competency when a worker has a current training enrolment, indicating that the training has not yet been completed.


Existing Training Enrolment Message: When a worker has a current training enrolment or requires a document upload, an ‘Existing Training Enrolment’ message will be displayed.


Pre-Enrolment Statuses: Additional statuses, such as ‘Pending – Course Selection’ and ‘Pending – Session Selection,’ will be introduced to provide further clarity on the enrolment process.




Reduced Duplicate Enrolments: By clearly displaying a worker’s enrolment status, unnecessary or duplicate training enrolments can be avoided.


Fewer Document Uploads: With improved visibility, there will be a reduction in the number of documents uploaded when a training enrolment is outstanding.


Enhanced User Experience: This enhancement aims to improve the end-user experience by providing clear and concise information regarding training enrolment.


Our support teams are always available to assist you via the regular support phone line or email if you have any questions.

Now Live: Supplier Portal Reports Enhancement

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our Supplier Portal: Reports, designed to enhance your experience and streamline workforce management. The release introduces three powerful reports that simplify the process of managing cardholder competencies, worker roles, and site access.


Explore Supplier Portal Reports: 

Read the user guide 

Watch a short video on how to run the new reports 


New Reports: 


  1. Cardholder Competencies

View a comprehensive list of worker competencies, including issue/expiry dates and status. 

Please note: This report will show all competencies, including those that have been superseded and might no longer be relevant to a particular worker. 

  1. Worker Role Matrix

Gain insights into individual role competency information, understanding the workers listed under each role and their current, expired, expiring, or missing competencies. 

  1. Site Access Keys

Understand your workers’ site access permissions for site log points/gate access locations. 

Please note: This report is accessible only to those with site access keys enabled. 


Key Benefits: 


Greater Worker Compliance: Easily access overall workforce competencies and expiry dates in a single place. 

Job Ready, Faster: Improved visibility of worker competency status helps get workers on-site and productive as soon as possible. 

Create Self-Sufficient Admins: Allow Supplier Admins to understand workforce competencies without engaging support or your client. 


Learn more about this update and watch a short video on how to run the new reports here.


If you have any questions our support teams are available via the regular support phone line or by email.