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Now Live: Supplier Portal Reports Enhancement

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our Supplier Portal: Reports, designed to enhance your experience and streamline workforce management. The release introduces three powerful reports that simplify the process of managing cardholder competencies, worker roles, and site access.


Explore Supplier Portal Reports: 

Read the user guide 

Watch a short video on how to run the new reports 


New Reports: 


  1. Cardholder Competencies

View a comprehensive list of worker competencies, including issue/expiry dates and status. 

Please note: This report will show all competencies, including those that have been superseded and might no longer be relevant to a particular worker. 

  1. Worker Role Matrix

Gain insights into individual role competency information, understanding the workers listed under each role and their current, expired, expiring, or missing competencies. 

  1. Site Access Keys

Understand your workers’ site access permissions for site log points/gate access locations. 

Please note: This report is accessible only to those with site access keys enabled. 


Key Benefits: 


Greater Worker Compliance: Easily access overall workforce competencies and expiry dates in a single place. 

Job Ready, Faster: Improved visibility of worker competency status helps get workers on-site and productive as soon as possible. 

Create Self-Sufficient Admins: Allow Supplier Admins to understand workforce competencies without engaging support or your client. 


Learn more about this update and watch a short video on how to run the new reports here.


If you have any questions our support teams are available via the regular support phone line or by email.