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Are your subscription renewals up to date?

Worker registration costs are paid per person annually for the management of roles, verification of documents, access to online training, and supply of card.

A worker that works for multiple companies is required to have an active subscription per company that they work for, per client.

Each company can add roles and may submit documents for verification.

Worker subscription renewals must be paid by each company that a worker has a subscription with, to cover the costs of data verification for each company a worker is connected to.

Make sure your subscription renewals are up to date

Please make sure your worker subscription renewals are up to date.

Log into the Supplier Portal and check for any subscription renewals that are outstanding.

Renew the subscription with payment via the Shopping Cart.

The importance of worker level data verification and site access control

It is important for contracting companies that worker subscription renewals are up to date. When worker subscriptions are renewed and active, supplier companies can ensure worker documents are reviewed and verified by Avetta.

For workers, knowing that each company they work for has paid for their worker subscription, and renewed that subscription annually, means they know they won’t get blocked at the gate.

When worker subscriptions renewals are not up to date, contracting companies can not ensure their workers will be able to get on-site.

Pegasus Portal Enhancement for Contracting Company Administrators

Pegasus Portal enhancements have been scheduled to enable training notifications to be sent to both the administrative user who books worker training, as well as the worker’s registered email address.

Previously system users were able to enter an administrator’s email address for the worker, and training bookings and other notifications were sent to the administrator’s email. Moving forward, each worker needs to have a unique email address as part of their registration process.

This scheduled deployment update will send email notifications to the administrative user booking the worker for training, as well as to the worker using their unique email address.

Both the worker’s unique email address AND the administrator who books the worker into training will receive a confirmation email with the training details.

Deployment scheduled: w/c 6th June 2022