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Now Live: Quick Submit Verification – A New Competency Submission Enhancement

We are pleased to share an exciting update regarding a new enhancement that will streamline the competency submission process for your workers.

Historically, company administrators submitted documents to apply for roles in one submission, and the verification team would approve or return that submission. As of now, documents can be submitted individually, in parallel to the role application, streamlining the review process and allowing for faster card printing and on-site deployment.


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Quick Submit Verification Benefits:

1. Worker cards can now be applied for and printed faster. Currently, applications include the worker’s subscription, profile picture and role data. This new workflow allows us to enhance our verification process for photos onto printed cards. Moving forward for new workers, an administrator can simply pay for a subscription and upload a valid profile picture, and then the card application is sent to the administrator team for processing.  The Worker Profile Pictures will now also be verified each time they are submitted or updated. Note not all Clients use printed cards. 

2. Worker profiles will no longer be ‘locked’ if they have an application in progress that was submitted by a secondary company. This will allow different employers to begin an application for a Worker who is ‘locked’ from editing with a different company. This model allows workers that belong to multiple companies to be processed concurrently.

3. Faster turnaround time. By accepting competency submissions one-by-one and incorporating worker participation through the mobile application, Avetta empowers suppliers and workers to streamline their compliance processes. The enhanced efficiency, improved user experience, faster turnaround time, and detailed feedback provided by this feature is aiming to improve overall workforce management. The role competency assignment process will be completed earlier in the process and therefore may allow workers to get on-site faster (if they meet the site requirements).

Learn more about Quick Submit Verification.

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If you have any questions our support teams are available via the regular support phone line or by email.