You’ve decided it’s time to better manage your risk and the safety of your workforce – the companies, contractors, and people who work on your sites and projects.

You’ve said yes to partnering with the experts at Pegasus to get it done for you, and your platform is built and ready to go.

The first step is making sure every company and every person is qualified and trained to work for you.

First, Pegasus invites them to create a profile and register in your workforce management system. Next, they are prompted to upload licences, insurances, qualifications, and training.

But then what?

In most systems, there’s nothing to stop contractors from uploading whatever they want – which we explored here.

Except with Pegasus. When documents are uploaded, everything is verified. That thorough process is among our core and most valuable services, because verified data is trusted data. It’s correct, accurate. It’s how contractors prove they can work for you. It gives your company a complete view of the capability of your workforce.

But what does verified mean and how does it work? Here’s how verification with Pegasus keeps your workforce safe and your organisation protected from risk.


This is how it works.

After partnering with Pegasus—welcome aboard—we work together to decide what you need from your workforce to reach compliance and work safely for you. Enter our Data Verification Team.


What does the Data Verification Team do?

During the project planning stage, a representative from the Pegasus Data Verification Team is involved. They provide expert advice and best practice suggestions for business rules for you, our new client. This advice is built on years of industry experience and with hundreds of clients.

What are business rules?

Quite simply, business rules define your business activities. With Pegasus, business rules exist so everyone knows exactly what documentation is needed (and in what format) to work for specific clients.

That means defining the exact type of driver’s licence or medical, for example, which you will accept for a worker to complete a work role. These rules are specific, and they depend on your industry, scale and the nature of the work being done.

Our Data Verification Team partners with you in a thorough consultation process to build your business rules library.

Most importantly, the business rules are shared and easily accessible to anyone trying to gain access to your sites and projects – direct from your Pegasus system.

This level of transparency encourages collaboration and a shared duty of care between you and your workforce. Most importantly? Everyone understand exactly what they need to do to be compliant without needing to contact you, saving time and administration resources.


So business rules have been communicated and documents uploaded to be verified. When would a document be rejected?

There are a variety of reasons documents are rejected (which we’ve covered previously).

Your workforce need only compare the document they intend to provide with your business rules to know if they will be verified or not. The business rules tell the story and are exactly what Pegasus will check and compare before approval. No match? No mystery – it won’t be verified. Instead, it will be returned to the submitter with an explanation, a chance to resubmit – and a link to the business rule to get it right next time.

Example of Business Rules


Is there any quality assurance of your verification service?

Absolutely! Quality is incredibly important to us. Our Data Quality and Assurance Team check a minimum of 10 per cent of documents approved by our Data Verification Team. Any ‘fail’ rate greater than 5 per cent triggers the sampling of additional data to check for any mistakes.

While we’re developing AI technology to speed up our verification service, every document submitted in a Pegasus system is currently checked by a person.

QA provides peace of mind for while also building the skills of our Data Verification Team.

We’re also keen to learn and improve. There is constant communication between our Data Services division and Contact Centre to look for how we can enhance our verification processes. Improvements can include something as simple as terminology changes, to reclarification of compliance requirements.


How long does it take for documents to be verified?

Our Data Verification Team process between 7,000 and 10,000 documents per week. They work from 7am through to midnight on weekdays. The time from when a document is received to verification is 24 to 72 hours.

This is based on service level agreements with our clients, but we’re also agile and respond to immediate needs for quick turnarounds, such as major shutdown periods or EOFY.


Does my business really need a verification service?

In our not so humble opinion, yes it does. One of the greatest risks to your business is contracting companies and workers who don’t have the correct or valid licenses and insurances, leaving you open to hefty fines or even prosecution if something goes wrong and you’re not protected.

Why risk it? Talk to the experts at Pegasus today.

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