The beginning of March saw the conclusion of the two-year Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, which handed down 148 recommendations. While it commenced in 2018, the result has been more than 10 years in the making. It was one of the first major decisions made by Scott Morrison after he was elected Prime Minister.

According to ABC News in September 2018, “Mr Morrison said he had been particularly shocked by a “disturbing” trend of non-compliance and failures in the aged care sector, highlighted in briefings he had received over the three weeks since he became Prime Minister”.

Managing Worker Competency Remains a Challenge

From within the recommendations, one thing is clear. Managing the competency of workers is among the greatest challenges of the Healthcare Industry. With the safety of patients and residents in their hands, the risk that non-compliant healthcare workers pose cannot be underestimated.

“I’m glad that at a government level, we’re finally recognising the problems which exist across all health sectors within Australia,” said Jo Dixon, Pegasus Chief of Sales. “We’re proud to be providing the disability skills passport in the disability sector and seeing the expansion into Aged Care.”

Responding to Recommendations

What’s now important in light of these findings, is that the industry and businesses respond and comply with the recommendations appropriately.

At Pegasus, we understand the industry has previously had inadequate funding, and that the workforce has been largely understaffed, undertrained and underpaid.

While there are many exemplary providers, what was apparent in the findings was the sub-standard care given by many service providers in the Aged Care sector.

“Everyone has their own story of how difficult the healthcare industry can be. Having visibility over the skillsets of workers will provide families all over Australia with reassurance that their loved ones are being cared for,” said Jo.

The Opportunity

An opportunity lies in technology providers to use data and systems to ensure higher standards of safety, higher standards of compliance, higher standards of competency measurement, e-learning utilisation and using technology to ensure on-site safety for staff and patients.

The Pegasus Healthcare Industry Solution has been developed with industry partners to provide transparency and confidence about the competency of workers in your facilities and working on your behalf.

Insight is Key

In our solution, we collect, monitor and check competence. Through simplifying processes, we help to eliminate the risk of untrained workers having access to facilities, patients or residents.

We know collecting data, qualifications and documents is not enough.

Our Verification Engine validates documents to ensure the Aged Care workforce is truly safe and competent. Providers can ensure every worker meets their standards, every day.

To learn more about the Pegasus Healthcare Solution, which will replace legacy systems, streamline processes, and empower a mobilised workforce, please contact Jo Dixon on jdixon@pegasus.net.au

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