“We recommend Pegasus because we feel safe and secure. All the information we would need is just a few clicks of the button away, anytime, anywhere.”

CONDOR Managing Director, Cornelius Toussaint

Workforce safety is a global challenge, and Pegasus provides the global solution.

We work closely with partners around the world to provide implementation and support services, and creative solutions to customer needs.

One of our partners is CONDOR. Based in Germany, CONDOR has partnered with Pegasus for over six years. The German version of our system is currently used to manage a safe workforce on seven rail sites and at Dortmund Airport.


CONDOR Group began in the safety and security industry in Essen, Germany in 1978. A family owned business, it now spans 14 offices and 850 employees across Germany. CONDOR provides safety solutions for 6,000 to 9,000 different work sites across rail, air, transportation, construction, ports and security each year.

CONDOR began looking at workforce management in 2013. For the contracting companies and workers being managed most documentation was issued in paper, with either originals or copies supplied. This was managed using Excel spreadsheets, server copies, and other local IT solutions which were unreliable and rarely up to date.

“Quality in general and the qualifications of personnel are focus points of our business strategy to establish our different services successfully and for a long time in the market,” said Cornelius Toussaint, CONDOR Managing Director.

“Handling up to 20 different locations and 50 different job profiles in an Excel spreadsheet don’t fulfil the requirements to guarantee a certain level of qualification.”

“We saw similar problems to handle qualifications for our clients and the aim was to support them with a proofed solution.”

A New Partnership

In their search for a workforce management solution, CONDOR was referred to Pegasus by Bridgeway Consult, a common partner. At the time, Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s leading railway company were looking to introduce an electronic qualification card on their infrastructure; much like the Pegasus ID cards.

CONDOR found a like-minded partner in Pegasus for managing ongoing worker compliance and competency. However, the partnership between Pegasus and CONDOR is unique.

Alongside selling our workforce management solution to organisations in Europe, CONDOR also uses Pegasus to manage their own staff of 850 employees—what better way to sell a product than to use it.

“As the exclusive contractual partner of Pegasus. CONDOR is your partner for the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With Pegasus, you always have the security that qualifications, licenses and instructions are up to date. At the same time, you significantly reduce the organisational effort of your organisation for maintenance and control.”

Key Clients

CONDOR has sold the Pegasus solution and has a strong pipeline of opportunities that includes:

  • Dortmund Airport, a minor international airport located in north-western Germany. It is mainly used for low-cost and leisure charter flights, serving over 2.7 million passengers in 2019.
  • Retail – leveraging clients with an international presence already using the solution in Australia.
  • Working alongside Pegasus on sales opportunities in Europe and the Middle East.

Unexpected Benefits

Integrating Pegasus into business as usual for CONDOR has gone beyond workforce management and added unexpected benefits to their operations.

“Through Pegasus, the integration of quality checks and on-site instructions, as well as the combination with automatic entry controls, gives extra unexpected benefits for the daily work,” said Cornelius.

“Pegasus is an active part of our digitalised strategy including the digital management of work sites and personal including learning management and quality improvement.”


Download the Pegasus Partnership Program brochure.

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