The Mining industry is crucial to the Australian economy. So crucial in fact, that mining, drilling and civil infrastructure contributed $202 billion to the economy in 2019-20.

There are an estimated 256,000 people working in mining jobs across the country with varying degrees of difficulty and danger. Just last year, Queensland saw an increase of nearly 9,000 mining jobs when compared to 2020. It is essential you ensure the safety and training of your workforce.

It’s why Pegasus exists—to keep your workforce safe on site. It’s why we’ve been chosen by some of the world’s largest mining companies to manage the competency and compliance of their workforce.

One of those companies is Yancoal.

“We have a good track record of adoption of innovative safety solutions into our operations, many of which have come from listening and engaging with our workforce,” says Yancoal CEO David Moult in Mining Monthly.

A long-term partnership

Yancoal is Australia’s largest pure coal producer. With over 12,000 workers and visitors to manage, it’s crucial they stay on top of worker safety and compliance. But with this many people, it’s no easy task.

As of now, Yancoal operates five producing mines, manages two mines, and has interests in another two joint venture mines across Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. Each hosts an array of workers and contractors, all of whom need clearances, inductions, training and certifications to be able to do their jobs safely. Creating a solution to do that effectively is where Pegasus and its Head of Mining Services, John Furner, comes in.

A considerable challenge

“Yancoal has 10 sites where Pegasus has been implemented, including head office. All up, there are thousands of worker profiles to manage. To do this successfully, Yancoal partners with Pegasus on an end-to-end solution, including online learning, worker competency management, company pre-qualification, and access control,” Furner says.

Developing, implementing and updating one system that can “do it all” is a considerable challenge.

Having used Pegasus systems previously at a number of mines, Yancoal saw something promising in our platform. They made a business decision to implement our software as a standard across all of their sites—and embark on a development partnership to build a brand new platform.

The result was the creation of the Pegasus Client Portal—something many of our clients use today.

A good track record

As leaders in their field, Yancoal utilised technology and innovation to safeguard the health and wellbeing of its workforce—and we were able to help them.

“In collaboration with Pegasus, Yancoal has developed and implemented a ‘Client Portal’ so Yancoal can report, analyse and make operational and safety decisions in real-time based on the information collected through a centralised employee and contractor management system.”

We love supporting our clients in achieving their workplace safety goals, and we’re excited when we can collaborate to create unique solutions for safety problems.

Learn more about our partnership with Yancoal.

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