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Workers on site

The mining industry is heavily regulated to ensure the safety and security of its workers. It means businesses like Yancoal, Australia’s largest pure coal producer, must stay on top of worker safety and compliance.

With over 12,000 workers and visitors to manage across 10 sites, this is no easy task. One lapsed safety accreditation or missed training module can lead to unacceptable risks for the worker in question, their teammates and the company as a whole.

Where Pegasus Came In

Yancoal used a previous Pegasus system at several mine sites for insight into the qualifications, safety and skills of its contractor workforce. The coal company saw something promising in this platform, and Pegasus was in a unique position to partner with them to develop solutions specifically to respond to in-the-field needs.

Beginning with a Pegasus Contractor Management System, the collaboration has now extended to a development partnership. Work on the new Pegasus Client Portal– an intuitive system where Yancoal reports, analyses, and makes operational and safety decisions based on the information in their Pegasus system - kicked off in earnest in 2018. By 2020, Version 2.0 - offering considerable UX and functionality upgrades - was in service and planning for Version 3.0 is well under way.

While Yancoal saw potential in the Pegasus workforce management software used by some of its operations, the mining giant also had clear ideas on what improvements would be required to make it a viable solution to support all sites.

Pegasus has risen the challenge - maintaining its dedication to innovation and improvement. Working with Yancoal has enabled it to extend the platform beyond anything seen before.

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