A new software enhancement to the Onsite Mobile App will lead to better overall compliance on your sites and projects.

Previously, the Onsite Mobile App was only able to be used by supervisors and team leaders. Now, you can elect for your workers to have access.

Once you enable this enhancement, workers registered in your workforce management solution will be invited to download the Pegasus Onsite Mobile App. In the app, they can see their work roles, competencies, authorities, and licences (right down to the document level) from the information found in their profile in your Pegasus solution.

Why is this important?

With the data they need at their fingertips, your workers will now have a complete view of their compliance, without needing access to a computer.

It empowers workers to take control of their compliance, which leads to better safety outcomes on your sites and projects.

Show Compliance to Others

Your workers will be able to show a digital record of their roles, competencies, and access requirements to others. This eliminates the duplication of processes and keeps records all in one place.

It provides another step in the risk management process to make sure compliant workers can show their records out on site.

Support At The Tap Of A Button

Whenever a worker has a question or needs help to maintain compliance to work for you, it’s easier than ever for them to contact Pegasus.

Tapping the ‘Contact’ button takes a worker to the details of the Pegasus customer support team. There’s a dedicated phone number, email address, and a link to the contractor information website.

Easily accessible information and access to support about their own compliance from their own device empowers your workers and improves overall workforce compliance.

Making Compliance Simple

At Pegasus, we want to make compliance simple. We know how important easily accessible, mobile solutions are. With this enhancement, we’re giving your workers access to the information they need, where they need it most—on site. Using technology to adapt workplace practices and increase overall compliance is what keeps us going.

If you want to know more about how this can be used to maintain the compliance of your workforce, talk to your Account Manager today about including this functionality in your Pegasus solution.

This enhancement has already been made available to a few select clients.

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