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As the largest distributor of electricity on Australia’s east coast, Ausgrid is a complicated organisation that provides power to approximately 1.8 million people and businesses. Its network of substations, powerlines, power poles and underground cables spans 22,275 square-kilometres.

Starting in Sydney, the network blankets the Hunter Valley, the Central Coast and up into Newcastle - spanning rivers, forests and mountains as it goes. Their infrastructure supports some 450 schools, 100 hospitals and roughly 25 per cent of NSW’s population.



The Challenge

With 6,000-plus workers who need to be tracked across 117 different “partner roles” for 271 different competencies, Ausgrid needed all information available in one coherent, consistent workforce management software system, which is accessible live in the field.

The challenge was even greater given Ausgrid’s work with Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) who work for external customers who also need to work with Ausgrid’s infrastructure. The number of ASPs range from companies of 5 through to hundreds of staff on each project.

The biggest challenge was ensuring that everyone - employees, contractors and ASPs - was properly registered, trained, accredited and qualified under their own consistent compliance rules to work on Ausgrid’s infrastructure.


Where Pegasus Came In

With Pegasus, all Ausgrid workers are vetted in a consistent way. Prospective contractors and ASPs fill out a comprehensive survey, ensuring they hold the right qualifications and training to undertake the high-risk work in question.

Ausgrid checks worker compliance in the field via our mobile app, guaranteeing workers are qualified to undertake the work they are proposing. A Safety Management System (SMS) review verifies prospective contractor documentation, including work health and safety certificates, and information risk management paperwork.

The flexibility and scope of the Pegasus workforce management software solution allows Ausgrid a level of control and visibility not afforded to them before our partnership. Where previously checking accreditations involved shuffling papers in an office, now Ausgrid’s managers can go into the field, scan a contractor’s ID card and instantly see all their relevant information - including qualifications, training, and certifications.



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