About The Client

Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) is a Government-owned statutory corporation, established in 1998 to manage most of Australia's interstate rail network.

As they worked on an upgrade of the Sydney-Melbourne rail corridor, ARTC lacked crucial insights into their contractors. They were wasting time and money on classroom inductions, risking site safety with no view of each worker’s qualifications, and couldn’t track hours worked to manage fatigue and invoicing.

ARTC needed a workforce management software solution that would help them plan for their projects and control who was working on them. All of this was underscored by a requirement to meet national Rail Safety legislation.



Where Pegasus Came In

ARTC chose Pegasus to meet their challenges of training, tracking, and access with our established Rail industry solution, which empowers rail leaders to keep their projects moving - managing safety and risk with confidence in one online system.

New online inductions saved ARTC time and money and allowed workers who started later to quickly comply with site requirements.

ARTC could accurately track labour costs by checking real-time reports from the Pegasus system. This transparency gave them insight at every point in the project – to know how much it was costing, and to make accurate projections about staffing and project completion.

Workforce invoicing was based on log-in and log-out times at a fixed point at site entrances. Cards were linked to worker profiles in the Rail system, ensuring only verified workers were accessing site, and ARTC was invoiced correctly.

The insight of the Pegasus system even allowed ARTC to work with an analyst on the cost breakdown for other parts of the project, a process usually estimated with real costs discovered only on completion. Pegasus provided software training and support throughout the project to help ARTC get the most from the solution.




What We Achieved

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