As the world becomes more digital, emerging technologies are taking hold—especially in the mining industry. We’re well into a new year and one of the big trends predicted in the mining industry for 2022 is the focus on big data.

From Proactive Australia’s article “Emerging technologies that will transform mining in 2022”:

Some of the key technologies driving this transformation include blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data, where resource-intensive processes are being replaced by autonomous operations.

Big data

Across one site alone, stakeholders can include the mining company, governmental agencies, local communities, transport companies, contractors, suppliers and, eventually, the consumers.

Big data, if used effectively, can monitor all operations in the mining industry in real-time and help the company achieve a competitive and operational advantage.

What’s So Good About Big Data?

For your business to thrive and operate at maximum efficiency, you need a full view of your workforce. Who is working for you and where. What qualifications and training they have. How many people you have on site at any given time.

Good data helps to inform business decisions. The flow on effect being better workplace performance and improved safety outcomes on your sites and projects.

And how do you gather this data? With an integrated workforce management solution

Workforce Management Software

At Pegasus, we have over thirty years’ experience customising workforce management solutions for the mining industry.

In the strictly regulated, high-risk mining environment, our software can transform safety from a cost to an investment. If you need an integrated software platform, developed specifically for mining, Pegasus provides the complete solution.

We partner with our clients to pioneer new solutions to meet your workforce needs. When we kicked off a development partnership with Yancoal, the creation of the Pegasus Client Portal not only revolutionised their workforce management—we were able to extend this offering to our other clients, too.

Beyond Compliance

We know safety legislation like the back of our hand, and we work alongside you to make sure your business is compliant. Beyond this, Pegasus workforce management is used by our clients in the mining industry to provide certainty and insight into your workforce.

Through our software, you can pre-qualify contractors, verify the competency and training of your workers, control who is allowed on your sites and projects, teamed with complete visibility.

Do You Know What to Look for in a Workforce Management Solution?

When comparing workforce management systems, it’s important you understand what the latest digital solutions have to offer so you can choose what best suits your organisation, workers, and contractors.

So, how should a workforce management platform make your job easier? Download our checklist and find out.

Talk to Pegasus today about how we can help you gather workforce data.

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